the B12 shot didn’t work for long and i’m never missing 2 weeks in a row again

Posted on April 3, 2006. Filed under: The Dyingness |

I had to miss 2 weeks in a row of getting my B12 shot because I had dinner over at a friends and then Craig's show for 2 Thursdays in a row. As this is the only night the naturopath is open late, I had to miss these 2 weeks. I was exhausted.

Finally on this past Thursday I could go and I perked up for all of Friday and part of Saturday but I think the busy-ness of the weekend killed me, even though it was fun and I'd do it again, I'm just going to have to face the fact that I can't do things like walk for a long period of time. Ah, the wonderful effects of the dyingness.

Friday night I missed a phone call from a good friend to go with her to try her wedding gown on. My brother was online and, with the country living and dial up, I didn't get the message until 2 1/2 hours later. So I missed the dress fitting, but I guess that means that the wedding will be an extra surprise! The two of us did go for coffee and caught up, and it was great because we haven't had a chance to chat just one-on-one for a long time.

Saturday, after working hunched over a laptop for 4 1/2 hours myself and another group member finished our group's project that is due tonight (second last night of class!). Phew. 43 pages later we were able to get it bound in time to hand in tonight.

Then there were the 5 games of bowling (ouch, my aching legs, and arms, and abs, and neck…and well, entire body).

Then Sunday I was tired, but very excited to have a coffee date and a shopping date with 2 very dear friends.

I managed to push the dyingness aside for the weekend, but I think I'm now really paying the consequences as I would love nothing more than to close my burning eyes and rest my head down on my desk. Fingers crossed that weekly B12 shots for the next 5 weeks in a row will have a positive affect on the energy levels.


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76 Responses to “the B12 shot didn’t work for long and i’m never missing 2 weeks in a row again”

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I am military. This is no lie. I called my mother, my wife, my brother, people at work. I started my diet plan with the B12 shout 7 July. I had my first weigh in on 14 July. I lost 13 pounds in 7 days. I was pleased and motivated. I take my B12 shot weekly. And by the way I am a male. I know it is advertised more for females, but guys it is working for me.

Greg Moundine

I DO NOT recommend taking B12 as a weight loss function — this can be potentially harmful to you in combination with your diet (if the diet is not what your body needs, but what you are forcing upon it).

I lost 30 pounds BECAUSE of the candida and am trying to get it back.

Please, please, please only take B12 shots if you are DEFICIENT in B12, and for no other reason. They are a nice energy boost at first — but that is only because, if you are deficient in it, you have likely had little or no energy for quite some time.

Think about the logic of these things before damaging your body please. If you at least think about it — then, sure, go ahead and damage it.

I started taking B 12 shots about seven years ago and lost approx 18lbs…Then I stopped for four years and just recently started going back. My mother thinks there are a lot of health risk involved and think that I should stop going. I haven’t heard much mention of the risk. Also, this time around the weight is coming off a lot slower. Any suggestions?

Okay — I’m sorry — but I don’t think there’s a reason to be taking B12 shots UNLESS you are DEFICIENT in the vitamin. Try eating sensibly? And exercising. Fads don’t work — but that’s just common sense, which I hear is few and far between these days. Good luck keeping your weight goal.

Hello I wouldliketo ask a Q.
My body has a b12 and my doctor gave me two choises,shot or vitamin…I choise vitamin 1000 mg a day.
My should i takeit in the morning or at night? I eat a pice toast
in the morning in hopes that it dose not go through me.I really donot like shots 😦 My husband thinks i should take it at night?
Dan I please get some input?
Thank You.

It depends on why you need to take it. If you aren’t absorbing it like I’m not, then you NEED to have it shot into your arm because you won’t absorb the vitamin. I actually get shots AND take vitamins, hoping to absorb a small percentage in between shots.

If you do get a shot then make sure to drink lots of water and it won’t hurt.

I take my vitamins in the morning to get enough energy to have throughout the day — I find it to be a waste to take them at night.

i just took the shot for the 1st time on saturday.It is only monday and i have lost 6 lbs.It seems to b working>Try it

Ok everyone chill out. None of you are doctors. I have been on the B12 shots for 18 months. I am not deficient in it at all. My doctor is using it to treat something else. You CANNOT overdose on B12. Whatever your body does not need or use you just pee it out. I get a 1 cc or 1000 mg shot every 3 1/2 weeks.

Tanesha — you are an idiot who doesn’t read comments. It’s not cool to take this as a method of losing weight, as indicated in the comments above.

i was at the docotors today and asked him is there anything that i can take for energy to get alittle boost he said yes b12 vitamin shot so before i knew it he injected me with it what can i expect as far as energy goes he said to come in once a month for this so this is new to me thanks

I have a vitamin B12 deficiency as i get angular cheilitis (i have it right now) and it causes the corners of my mouth to crack. it’s quite embarassing (and very painful) because most people dont know its simply a vitamin deficiency. my only problem is that i have been taking vitamin B pills that i bought over the counter. They arn’t really working so I made a doctors appointment so tell me what you guys suggest!

I suggest getting B12 shots if you can. You, like I, may not be able to absorb the shots. If you’re deficient there could be a reason why you aren’t absorbing the vitamin into your blood stream. Ask if having it shot directly into it might be more effective.

Thanks! My doctor’s appointment isn’t until Jan. 2nd so I have about a week. My cheilitis went away but today it’s kind of coming back. Ughhh.. my B vitamins arn’t very potent though and i read about people taking nearly 1000mg a day above.. the bottle I bought doesn’t even say the amount.

hopefully this doc can tell me a lil more about this!

If the bottle doesn’t say the dosage, that’s scary. GET ANOTHER BRAND. It will likely be expensive, but it’s worth it if it works!

And ask for shots.

will do..

you have/had candida? isnt that around the same lines as angular cheilitis. or at least caused by the same thing..

it keeps coming back and going away! i dont understand the damn inconsistency

I do have candida now, but it’s in the last stages (fingers crossed). I’m not sure what angular cheilitis is, but if you can explain it a bit, I can let you know if it’s similar. Is it a yeast growth? Who knows, maybe I actually have it and not candida…

I am 23 year old female I was wearing 248 pounds,just 6 months ago. I started excersing regular and lost about 58 pounds. THEN I GOT PREGNANT gain all back but 15 pounds.I now with the motivation i once had i can lose all the weight again but i am seriously thinking about taking the b12 shot to speed the weigh loss aup because i became sluggish again since i haven’t been working out.

I DO NOT take or condone taking the B12 shot for weight loss.

How, might I ask, would that even work?

As I have said MANY, MANY times before, please only take this if it’s necessary due to deficiency.

I have had angular cheilitis of and on (mostly on) for 3 years now. I think people think it is contagious. Finally have gone to a dermatologist who suggested B12. I did B12 shots 10 years ago and they did help for my energy level (pernicious anemia) but then the cheilitis started and I thought it was a bad overbite. My husband did get shots for losing weight but it was physician monitored and it worked.

I just receltly found out i have B-12 DEFICIENICY. I had 2 of the shot but I don’t have insurance and couldn’t afford to go back of the other 2 but the doctor told me to take 1000mg a day . So i am doesn’t seem to help Im still so tired I can’t do anything. Any recomandations , also does this deficiency cause dry mouth , does anyone know.

Cindy get a prescription for the shots and do them yourself or have someone do them for you if you cannot do them yourself…a bottle of 30 doses is under $18. I do my own and it’s not horrible at all, just the first one was difficult. I have to inject once a week, I have been battling to get my B12 up almost a year, I still have not topped 200. You need to aggressively treat pernicious anemia, neurological damage can occur if you don’t. I was undiagnosed for several years…for me, not knowing and not treating means I no longer feel my right foot hit the floor and my short term memory is shot to heck. Oral pills are not going to do anything for you if you cannot absorb it from food.

I don’t recall having a dry mouth but they say that your tongue can get sore with deficiency of B12. I have my appt tomorrow to find out if I also have a deficiency. Continue to take the B12 supplement but you might want to have a blood test in a couple of weeks to see if your body is absorbing the oral B12, if you have pernicious anemia then your body won’t absorb it orally and you will need the shots or you risk getting pretty sick.

Hi Cindy — my B12 shots aren’t covered because the wonders that be at OHIP said that I wasn’t deficient enough. I pay for them from my naturopath and they are only 10$ each — find out how much they are. If you are spending a lot of money on the pills and they aren’t working then it just makes sense to put your money towards the shot (trust me, it works a lot better if you have digestive problems, which is likely why you are deficient in the first place). My tongue is also blistering and has leisons, or it did, now, with the shot and with my candida diet, it has pretty much cleared up.

I didn’t have a dry mouth until recently (a year after I’ve started to get the shots), so I think that is unrelated.

Like BBLiz, I take both the shot and a BComplete pill (natural factors). This is definitely something to take seriously and you’ll start to feel so much better! If not, you will likely deteriorate by 20% a year — so you’ll feel 20% worse than you do now in a year.

I am battling critical level Pernicious Anemia (we have yet to get my B12 above 115) I am working with limited coverage so I give my own shots. Once you get past doing the first one, it’s really not a big deal. Using a 25 Gauge needle you barely feel it. Videos on youtube show you how to do it….the nurse video is the best one. Added bonus to DIY, 30 doses only cost $15.00 in a multidose vial.

I haven’t read all the way through these posts yet, but I agree, injecting B12 to lose weight is crazy if you are not low in B12. Who knows what you are messing up in your body chemistry??

Anyone here know anything about the B12 patch? I don’t want to replace my shots, but I am wondering if once I get my level up into the normal range if the patches might allow me to cut back on the shots to once a month with a patch supplement. Anyone know of any real data on them or on how well B12 given this way is absorbed from a source that is not marketing hype? I already have permanent neuro damage, I cannot feel the front 2/3’s of my right foot hit the floor when I walk anymore, so I don’t want to risk any more losses by using anything not proven to absorb. But it sure would be nice to have options when I take the shots more frequently than most.

Hi, Thanks for sharing your comments.
I have similar problem.
I was wondering about the patch also?

Hi everyone…my doctor told me i have this b12 deficiency…but is waiting for a couple of more tests…but my legs ache so badly i think i will have to call him and ask him to expidite this…i am weak with no energy…and i work at a hospital and walk about 5 miles a shift…please give me some feedback…thanks

Hi Sandra,

While you’re waiting for the tests to come back, go and get yourself a bottle of Bcomplex pills. Make sure the Bcomplex has at least 100 mcg of B12 and take 2 a day for now. Also be sure to check that the ingredients are all natural, no fillers and it’s better for you if they have no gluten, sugar, or any other allergens. Natural Factors and SISU are two great brands.

If you need to get shots, you’ll likely have to take the pills as well to sustain yourself throughout the weeks in between shots.

Good luck! And once you start getting the shots your energy levels will go up and you’ll start to feel a lot better!

I loss more than 23 pounds in 3 months with the shot.

Whether you have vitamin b12 deficiency or not, DO NOT buy b12 patch from It is useless!! I have been b12 deficient for 4 years now, and have been getting shots, and felt much better. However, when I discovered that there is more “convenient” way of getting b12 through the patch, I decided to give it a try. I bought couple of boxes back in December 2006 and told my doctor that I will try them. She agreed. However, she said I must be back in a month and she will check my b12 level. I waited two months, probably having a “placebo” effect from the patch. I started feeling really sluggish and numb, and went to take a blood test. My b12 plunged to really low levels, showing that there is no effect from the patch. I just want everybody to know that it does not work and prevent other people from spending money on it. Please DO NOT BUY IT!! There were no comprehensive studies done to prove the effectiveness of the patch.

I didn’t even know there was a patch…but thanks for the warning.

Hello! Came across your website doing a general search on amemia and B 12 shots, and think I may have come to the right place for my questions. I know I need to talk to my doc, but it is 4:41 in the morning, and I don’t think he would enjoy hearing from me right now. 🙂 I had bloodwork done in October, at which time my new doc told me I was seriously anemic, and if numbers were any lower I would need a blood transfusion. Not sure if he was exaggerating. He said my thyroid number was really low, too, so he put me on iron and synthroid. I suffer from exhaustion, some depression, just generally not feeling like the “old me” of 5 years ago before I had my last child. So anyway, no mention of B12 shots until today when I went in for my monthly visit, complaining of possible strep that my children have this week. Also, exhaustion, very sore tongue that healed just yesterday. He decided to put me on antibiotics for possible strep and give me a B12. Seemed to hesitate, said something about the balancing of an iron deficiency and getting that number up against giving me the B12 shot. Confused me, but he has a thick accent, I was sick and tired, so I said, “yes please!” on the shot. Anything that may get me out of this exhaustion. (uh, here I sit at 4:45. Working?) He is known to be an excellent and extremely thorough doctor, and yes, we are working on my losing weight, but that is NOT why he gave me the B12. I am losing slowly, only about 4 pounds a month. So any feedback on if anything sounds suspicious? How is anemia different from pernicious anemia? Any help or advise is appreciated. Thanks!

I was surfing the web reading on B12 and Iron Deficiency anemia. I have both (as noted through numerous blood tests). For the past 6 months, I have been taking a multivitamin with iron, a B12 vitamin, Slow Fe, and Folic acid along with a monthly B12 shot at the doctors office. I went in 2 days ago for a check up and blood work. Got the call this afternoon from the doctor (she calls herself..not the nurse) and lets me know that the B12 and Fe are up a little, but still anemic. i acknowledged that I had not missed a dose and she knows I’m there for the B12. We talked about periods and I don’t think mine are too heavy, but not sure what to base that on. Then she said we would talk about seeing a surgeon in 6 weeks at my next appointment. I currently have secondary insurance for a little while longer and asked if there is something she thinks I am going to need test wise to go ahead and do it. She said yes she does and now I have an appointment with a surgeon to followup for ??? I suppose to make sure there is no internal abnormalities? I did a stool guaic (sp?) and it was neg. Just wondering what they can do?

My husband was diagnosed with pernicious anemia. His original blood work in 7/06 showed a b12 level of 342. He has been taking monthly b12 shots. His last blood test (6/4) showed a level of 223. Any suggestions?

Those of you who have or have had Angular Cheilitis, how do you treat it? Does it ever go away? Has a doctor told anyone the definitive cause of it?

I have been struggling with if for about five months. It began with my lip tissue getting torn; next thing I knew, both sides of my lips were a mess. I can’t get it to go away. I have these little whitish
pimple-things, and I can open them and its flat for a while, and then they spring back up. I have tried Augmentin, Nystatin (oral and topical), Protopic, Vitamin B-12 (oral vitamin) and a general vitamin, steroid cream…and no luck. Any help -I would really appreciate it. Best. Saint Remy

Amy — my B12 was at 175 and the doctors here in Canada still wouldn’t give me a shot — until it reaches survival level here (and you feel like you’re dying) you don’t get help. I would get your husband to take Bcomplex pills and, as he’s likely not absorbing nutrients orally (though he might get a bit of something out of the pills), go see a naturopath and see if they will administer B12 shots. He’ll feel a lot better and eventually may get back up to a normal level. I get the shot once every two weeks and still need it to keep me feeling nearly normal. And be sure that your vitamins aren’t full of filler and crap — only all natural derived from good sources.

Saint Remy — I would say that 5 months isn’t long enough and to stick with one treatment for longer. This may never be cleared up entirely and forever — you will likely have to continuously treat it. But good luck and let us know if you find a good remedy out there.

Lynn — what did the surgeon say? That seems a bit odd. I’d explore Celiacs and Candida and other food-related illnesses either on your own or with your doctor before going in for surgery — let me know what the surgeon said though — that’s very interesting.

Doth, did your angular cheilitis just SHOW UP? I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea and was trying a type of mask that just blows are in your nose. I breathe though my mouth when I am sleeping, so people on a sleep apnea form told me to TAPE my mouth closed to keep the air in (if the air leaves thorugh your mouth, you won’t get the benefit). Just trust me on this one.I taped my mouth for 2 hours – couldn’t sand it – and when I removed the tape, it pulled skin off both the top and bottom of the left side. I put another mask back on.
The masks blow warm wet air into the mouth, and the masks are SEALED closed to your mouth. The next morning I had a whopping lesion on the side of the mouth where I lost skin. I STUPIDLY used the mask again for 2 more nights before I awoke on Day 3 with a face that looked like the worst case of mumps in the world. I had an infected salivry gland (from bacteria coming from the saliva within the mask). They gave me antibiotics & steroids, and it cleared up this infection nicely, but my mouth contiued to be troublesome. I had fissures, it looked “chewed up” like I had flesh-eating virus, and then it jumped to the other side!! I did lots of research (I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with specialty in health psychology) and figured out what it was and went to a dermo. She gave me Protopicc to close the fissurees, but nothing to treat the underlying cause.
I have had to push her to give me things to treat the underlying cause. I am lost as to what SINGLE treatment I should uss.
The literaure all says it is a combination of staph, strep and yeast. I use both topical antibotics and nystatin. The white bumps keep emerging, and out of the blue, I developed a fissure today.
What kind of doctor do you see? Dermo? What do they recommend? Which single thing would YOU recommend? Thank you so much. I have felt so alone with this horrible flesh eating thing. It has eaten
parts of my lips and around my mouth. Have you had this and did your skin come back? I ca’t imagine my skin returning – it looks like it has permanetly changed.
Best to all, Saint Remy

Do you take 1ml of b12 a week? My doctor told me to take 1ml a month and recently I was to a naturopathic doctor and she said I should be taking 1ml each week. Jsut started but excited to see if that helps. Starting the Candida cleanse/diet Monday.

Amy- Mine wasn’t as low as yours and i was able to get the shots. I would change your doctor. My doctor said it was up to me if I wanted shots or not and since I’m not so scared of needles I said I rather try that. Hard to od on B12 and it’s good for ya.

Doth: How did you lose weight while having a Candida problem? Curious to what might have made that happen. What was the Candida affecting to make you lose? Also, Wouldn’t getting rid of Candida improve your digestion and give you more energy to lose more weight?
just trying to understand all this. I would think with most people Candida would make them gain weight and lose it as it improves with it improving digestion and energy levels. I supose Candida effects people in different ways. Thanks in advance!

Liz — I take a shot every two weeks now. It was every week and now it’s every other. It’s more than 1ml though. But I can’t remember how much. If you have candida, you should get a shot. You are likely not absorbing anything properly (nutrients, food, etc.) which is part of why you feel so terrible. So the only way to really get the benefit out of B12 is to take it by needle. The trick to needles not hurting is to be super extra hydrated. The day of the needle, drink WAY more water than you think you need and you won’t even feel the needle. Plus, if you get one every week, you quickly become used to it.

Liz — I’ve heard that candida has made people both loose and gain weight. For me, I lost 30 pounds really quickly before I was diagnosed (after feeling ill for 3 years) because I wasn’t absorbing any of the food I was eating, and it was actually leaking into my blood stream, I eventually lost pounds like mad. The diet will make you lose weight if you haven’t already — but really, you should be trying to keep as much weight on as possible.

Saint Remy — I was never actually diagnosed with angular cheilitis, but it sounds like it’s what I should have. If the antibiotics and steroids aren’t working, I would discontinue use. Both of these enhance candida — and if that is one of the root causes, then topical solutions won’t work. Chances are you need to explore the root cause with a naturopath. “Convential” doctors don’t look for root causes, they just want to fix the symptom as quickly as possible. If you don’t explore further, you’ll likely never get better — try absolutely anything that you hear of that might work — no matter how crazy it sounds. You just never know!

Doth and others with Angular Chelitis,

I have found a “cure.” I finally went to an Oral Surgeon, the only kihnd of doctor I had not been to. Angular Chelitis is a combo of staph, strep and yeast. I was on antiobiotics and steroids because I developed a huge infection, so my AG is secondary to this infection. Because I had low immunity and low B12, I was susceptible to it. Also, the antibiotics make you more prone to yeast increases and infections all over your body. My lips and corners of the mouth had acutally atrophied – been eaten away. The bacterial infections were gone but the YEAST (oral thrush) part is still there. He prescribed two things:
Vytone cream (1% cortisone, 1% anti-yeast) and an oral yeast med, Difulcan (fluconazole). Within a day, I could see the yeast bumps drying up and falling off.
Its a two week course of drugs.
He recommended live culture yogurt and acidophilus tabs to prevent recurrences. Acidophilus bacteria tends to control Candida outbreaks.
I am also going to take active Probiotics (opposite of antibiotics) to replace what
was killed by the antibiotics.

Some things that promote oral yeast: removable dental appliances, like nightguards; steroid therapy (even inhalers). And people who have had an oral yeast infection are at greater risk of future ones. I have had thrush inside my mouth before.

Cultures are not a good test of whether you have a candida infection – a negative may not mean you do not have it.

I hope we all can rid ourselves of this painful, distressing disease. Best, Saint Remy.

Hi Saint Remy. Thanks for checking back in — this is what I was trying to tell you before and I’m so glad you’ve been to someone who agrees! Definitely a root cause like yeast and you likely have candida and not just in your mouth. Don’t be surprised if the topical product he gave you doesn’t work or if it only works for a short period of time. I had, in the beginning, taken an anti-thrush mouthwash and it did take the patches and leisons away for a while — but only because of the anti-fungal part of the solution — but as it was candida and was in more places than just my mouth (basically throughout my body) more drastic measures were taken. Best of luck with this remedy — and I hope it works best for you and that the yeast has not taken hold of any other part of you, but please don’t forget to also research more about candida as it is the likely culprit. Good luck and thanks for sharing your experience — it’s very helpful and makes me realize and think back on the early days of trying to figure out what was wrong with my body. The tongue and mouth are the pathways and indicators for the whole body — that’s for sure! To learn more about candida you can have a look through some of my experiences and the things that you need to do (more than just an anti-fungal, you NEED to change your diet as well). Have a look at these posts in particular — and there are more if you search for candida on here:

Best of luck and please check back in to let us know how it goes.

Thank you to yuliya for her warning on the B12 patch. I was tempted to get it. I have been on two injections a week for the last two years, and I was looking for a shortcut.
For you people that want to use B12 as a weight-loss program, you’re fooling yourselves. If you are losing weight its because of other changes you have made, not because of the B12 injections. Pernicious Anemia is a serious, potentially fatal condition, and it irks me to no end that people think the cure is there to make them look skinny (which in the end it won’t).
To the folks out there using B12 to actually stay alive, hang in there. It’s been years of bi-weekly doses (and by the way, I haven’t lost a pound!) but it does get better. =0)

hi,im so tired,went for my b12,2nd time in 2 weekks,however thr nurse told me my iron levels were so low ,it was unreal.what should i do?i always thouht,my b12 was enough ,please help me,Charmaine please help if you can,thanks

Iron and B12 are two different things. You may need to take iron supplements as well — or possibly have an iron infusion if it’s that bad.

Hi Everyone…I hope this gets posted to the right place as I have no clue…….please give me any suggestions, no criticism ok? I have had approximately 10 iron infusions in the last 2 years and within the last 2 months also have been giving myself IM injections at home of 1ml of cyanocobalmin (b12). After my iron infusions I really feel only a slight increase in energy, not much. After the injection of b12 I also feel no difference. I read another of the post and the person said they were told to take 1ml per week of the b12 injection? What does everyone else take and does it help you? Where do you inject yourself? My hubby gave it in my buttock, is it better to give it somewhere else? OK so kick me for this one but I did buy the b12 patch and the only thing I got was an AWFUL bad case of acne or whatever kind of breakout it was but it was mostly on my neck and chin. Was this b/c of too much b12? Any suggestions here would be greatly greatly appreciated!!!!!

You cannot overdose on B-12. It is water soluable and goes straight out in the urine if you have enough. I take 1000 mcg of B-12 in a shot.

My husbon gets b12 shots but they do not last very long. What is the maximan that you can have?

I went to the doctor, I had extreem
fatigue. My B-12 level was 167 and tha
is low. It is supposed to be in the 1000’s
Well, I went back to the doc. because I was sick. I asked him to refil my B-12. The nurse was talking outside the door and I could hear her..she said,”I don’t get it…people think it’s going to give them this boost of energy!” I was sooo mad. When the doc. returned
I informed him that I overheard her and that I didn’t appriciate it. That I CAN TELL A BIG DIFFERENCE when I take the shot once a
week. He said well, if you think it helps
I will give it to you. YOU can’t overdose he continued. They treated me as though I
were some kind of weirdo or drug addict.
It really upset me. BUT I still don’t knwo why I have low B-12. I have several issues but
no doctor seems to want to take me
serious. SO, I have tons of bills, and may not even get a refil on my B-12…and still I am in the dark as to what is going on with my health~! Good luck to anyone suffering with any type of problem!

I have been going to my doc for a B12 shots for few months, because my lever was VERY low. I was very tired so he recommended that for me. I still feel tired in the mornings and have hard time waking up. Is it gonna go away with taking the shots montly or should I take Bcomplex pills daley as well? Do I have to get shot all my life???
Iam glad that I found this forum!!!

david doo had a pooh on the loo at 2:30 with scooby doo and scrapy doo

HI, I have been reading so much about B12 shots.
I have been so tired and I am way over weight.
I took a B12 with Lipotropics shot last week and another one today. I have already lost 4lbs and I do
feel better. I am watching what I eat and thank
goodness for the energy. I get tired of saying,
“I’m tired”. I feel like I am on the right track.
It’s good to read about others. This the first I have taken my weigh loss serious. I’m glad I got to
read about other peoples experience with B12.
Thanks! Sara

I just took my first b 12 shot today. I went to my doctor and told him of my struggle(lose 30 gain 35) this vicious cycle has really taken a toll on me & my marriage.. I was reffered to a nurse practioner who gives the shots but I went to my family doctor A he prescribwed me adapex & gave me the shot.. This way it is covered by insurance.. I am going to continue with weight watchers.. Wish me luck.. Sara good luck! Keep posting resluts please.. it keeps me motivated!!

I was getting a cold sore almost every week and was desperate to find a solution. After trying everything else, I decided to try B12 shots. I felt great, almost giddy a few days latter, but suffered a bad acne breakout on my chin. It went away, then I got another shot of B12, and sure enough, it happened again. Looking on the net, it seems that in some people, B12 shots can cause an acne outbreak and worsen an existing one, so just bare that in mind. Although I felt better for a few days, I looked like a teenager!

I am taking b12 injections because i am deficient. and for no other reason – then i come on here and see a lot of talk about it helping to lose weight???? im so confused on how? my injections so far dont even seem to be giving me any added energy? i havent weighed myself? but i dont need to really lose any weight – but i just wondering how the injections can help you lose weight? if anyone would like to respond that would be great!


For the person who commented on her husbands B-12 Levels…
Anything between 200-1100 is normal…the starting range of 3 something and then going down to 223 is in total and complete “normal” range. I wouldnt pnic about something which is normal.

I suffer from pernicious anemia and I have researched for over a year on it. My level was 24 when it was first discovered. The Dr gave me 7 B12 shots in two weeks, then 2 a week for 2 months, then 1 a week for a year. My level in one year got up to 980 and they were shooting for 1000. They lowered me to 2 shots a month and now 5 months later my B12 level is too low again and I will go back to weekly. 1000mcg in each injection. I will also have another 6 hour IV of Iron tomorrow.
With low B12 your body can’t convert your iron into hemoglobin and you become severely Iron Deficient Anemic as well.
In the new medical world, a B12 level of 800 is the “new” low.
You also can’t OD on b12 because it comes right out of your urine if there is too much.
The only reason anyone will lose weight because of B12 shots is because your hemoglobin will circulate more oxygen through your body giving you more energy to move. Thus improving your bodies ability to funtion properly.
When your b12 is down to the 300 level your neurological system can also begin irrepairable damage. Never hesitate to get a B12 shot when advised!
My Dr also gave me an Rx for B12 shots and after bugging my neighbor to give them to me for a month, I learned to give them to myself in my thigh or my arm. To buy B12 for me, 4 injections a month cost me $5 without insurance having to pay a thing. It’s CHEAP this way!
Believe me, if you ever have true pernicious anemia, you will never be so sick in your life. It’s HELL.

I had serious B12 deficiency because of absorption problems in my intestines and the doctor recommended that I take a B12 shot every 2 weeks first 2 times, then once every month for 6 months. I had my first shot, but I was moving to the UK the week after. Over here in the UK, the doctor refused to give me another shot before having a new blood test. I took the test after a month from the time I had the shot. The B12 levels were above average, so the doctor refused to give me another shot. She insists that I do a blood test again after a month and wouldn’t give me the treatment until she sees that it’s low again. I’ve been reading about how treatments are done and with deficient people, so take 3 shots a week. I don’t understand. I feel weak (I don’t have anemia) with no energy and still have problems of a lot of hair loss.

i live on the b.c. coast and feel incapable constanly!! of getting out of bed, of caring for my own children… i , and other friends smell mold wherever, and whenever!! we live in Chilliwack. toxic (proven by U.S tests) molds are normal here. It’s normal here to see a la dy with a beard, and it’s normal here in Chilliwack to see a man with breasts!! it’s normal to all of them, but i was raised in Saskatchewan.. too much anti-biotics along with weak immune history unwillingly brought me here in this environment.. i survived in.. as a kid!! now every one has what i was TEASED, BULLLIED, HATED for in the begininning… IMPERFECTION<

my b-12 lab work cam back 300 is this good are bad.. the doctors dont tell you alot..

newby here,and I love this forum. I think I’ve found a homey place to discuss this problem I have. Well, I have been suffering for almost 4-5 yrs. I had a diskectomy(C-5). They put two titanium plates and I’m a singer.The doc even said there was a chance I’d lose my voice but thank God that didn’t happen.Anyway, I have had phy.therapy,used heat and ice but it started burning in my right arm and even the doc said it was in my C-5 area.Was he admitting to messing me up?Also, I have had 3 nerve blocks in which helped me so much until the third one felt like a lightning bolt came out of the sky and struck me on the table. No more of those things.I advise not to take nerve blocks because they only give a little relief for a little time.I then just started staying home doing nothing.Couldn’t do anything it hurt me to reach or pull,pick up or push. DAMN…I had reached a new level of pain. I began hurting in my back bad and it radiated down my legs. Especially my knees. OH how they hurt. All I could do is lay around and complain and I hate that.My feet have gotten so sore that I couldn’t even stand. Does anyone think this is Pernicious Anemia do you? I forgot to tell you the doc gave me a list of things I have. Anyone interested in reading that long list. I do have to say that I noticed one thing that has helped me more than anything,vitamin B-12. I gave myself one and I used to take them a long time ago ever so often but, this time the first one I took I was out of bed and you won’t believe what I actually did. 🙂 I played guitar hero…Yes,it felt so good. I had energy and I hadn’t changed anything in my routine. Nothing but B-12 baby. I just gave myself another one. I hope it is okay. The doc put once a mos. on my bottle but, I felt so good and the pain was coming back. It was getting where I couldn’t walk again my feet were getting sore. Does anyone have a clue to what I have,no ins. at this time. Doc cost fortune to see. Hey, I enjoyed reading your comments and I hope you can give me some advice.My left hand is numb.I guess all the writing I done. Thanx for being here…K

I am ALWAYS tired… since the New Year I have been eating right and exercising daily (I follow Body for Life). Someone reccomended taking B12 vitamin– do I need to take this in the morning or at night?

For those of you who do not “condone” use of Vitamin B12 shots – you are simply uninformed and need to “book up” your knowledge before giving people advice. I have just been on the Dr. Bernstein diet and along with careful eating habits and Vitamin B12 shots 3 times a week. I have lost 8 pounds in 6 days. This diet works. Loss of oral Vitamin B12 through the process it goes through in the body leaves this method very ineffective.

If you are accustomed to taking B12 shots, then you’ll love XS energy drinks. They are chock full of B12 and other B complexes, other vitamins, and a proprietary blend of herbs that adapt to your body. There are 14 flavors, and they don’t taste like cough syrup! The greatest thing about them is that there is NO sugar, so it doesn’t crash you. There are also no carbs, and no more than 10 calories depending on what flavor you get. If you try them, and it doesn’t work or you don’t like it (even if you drink them all up!), you can get your money back within 180 days! Let me know if you want to try it. 866-824-6468 or

How often do you have an injection. I live in the UK so am only prescribed them every 3 months. After six weeks I felt myself going downhill again.

It constantly amazes me how stupid the public are (yes, I mean you people). Why are you searching for answers on some random waffler’s blog? You need qualified advice. Go to your doctor or a nutritionist/dietician. Every person is individual, meaning the experiences of someone commenting on this site bears no relation to your personal biochemistry. Ridiculous.

Tamara this would be good advice except for the fact that dietitians and doctors seem to be unable to agree on PA, what is too low as far as B12 levels go, or how to treat it. I had to fight tooth and nail with Kaiser to get responsible but aggressive treatment. In spite of my best efforts I have permanent nerve damage that occurred while I was fighting for care. Stumbling onto reliable info is about looking everywhere for info or connecting with people fighting the same battle you are fighting… and it is about sharing info in forums like this one.

To that end I have a source of reliable info to share, I found great info and help in demanding better care via the following UK based group – If your doctor is not listening to your pleas for aggressive treatment for PA, ask these folks to help you get the care you need.

Another thing for people with PA to be aware of… because some people do not seem to know that PA is not just a vitamin deficiency, it is also an auto-immune disease. I have worked in health care since 1971, I discuss my PA battle with every doctor I know, and what they keep telling me is that now that I have this I need to be alert to new symptoms because people with one AI disease tend to be more likely to develop another one if not treated aggressively for what they are battling. It’s not a rule that other diseases will develop but it is a high probability, one worth being aware of.

Hey I came across this blog and it sounds like you need B12 shots regularly.
Well have you heard of XS energy drinks? It’s all natural energy drink with 0 sugar, 0 carb, and only 8 calories and the most amazing thing about it is that it comes in 13 plus different flavors and it comes in three different B12 levels: 4900%, 7500%, and 10,000%!
So if you want to have B12 on the GO, let me know.
I am not trying to sell you on this drink but I feel like I should help you to have lots of energy all the time.

To Jae,

Some of us need B12 shots because we do not have the part of the bowel that absorbs it. So no matter what we ingest through our month we will be deficient of B12, hence the reason for the shot.

i have pernious anemia for 5 years now only getting injections every 3 mths fought with the doc finally last 3 mths every six weeks but i know my own body not good having to go to bed about 9pm every night so i am ok for work the next day. I told my doc i am fed up being so tired and sore i am buying b12 off the internet and getting them weekly at least i will be able to have a life at last.

Sometimes i experience aching legs and what i would usually do is just do some stretching exercises and use some topical anti-inflammatories to relieve the pain.,.”:.

Kind regards“>


B12 can give rise to a lot of health complications. Not only will you feel weak and tormented, but your body will also stop responding to the daily diet. Whatever you eat will not be completely absorbed by the body. As a result, you may start feeling weaker and weaker until you take the proper medications.

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