i’m going to start to ignore the dyingness if i can

Posted on March 19, 2006. Filed under: The Dyingness |

Well, the GI successfully asked me all of the same questions this week with disinterest. He also answered a personal phone call and didn’t say anything like “excuse me, I have to take this” or “sorry” when he got off the phone.

I was unimpressed.

He was also mad that I’m not eating gluten (even though it makes me reel over in pain if I have it) and finally referred me to a rheumatologist (though not the one I wanted to see — the one next door and so far my luck with the doctors within this little clique has not been favourable). I also get to go for another diagnostic. Yay — fun 😦

This one they put a tube down your nose all the way to your small intestine and there’s only a 15-20% chance that it will show something when the other tests I’ve had didn’t.

When I got home after dropping the requisition off at the hospital on Wednesday they had me booked in for this coming Monday. I freaked! There’s no way I was mentally prepared to go tomorrow. I mean it’s great that they could to it so quickly, but come on!

So I was able to move it to the Monday after that, but have to take even MORE time off work. I haven’t been there for a full 5 day work week this year at all I don’t think…

Fingers crossed they don’t fire me 🙂


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