back to life brianless, well just for a few months

Posted on March 19, 2006. Filed under: The boy(s) |

I just dropped Brian off at the airport (again). I guess I should be happy he can afford to come home at all, but it does make for a strain on a new relationship (even though it’s technically an old one too…). We watched Walk the Line last night and it was fantastic! Then we were pseudo-old; he played piano and read while I started knitting. I know. Old. But I guess that’s okay.

We went for dinner at a friend’s place on Thursday and it was great to hang out and reminisce. I had forgotten how much attitude she and I had growing up. We’ve been great friends since we were 3 and I guess that automatically means getting into a lot of trouble. I had forgotten about things like the crazy cake fight at her house at the party when her parents were away and when she drove without a license. Plus how mean we were to our bus drivers as kids. Little hooligans. Haha. It was fun to go back in time that far and Brian actually enjoyed learning a bit more about what made me into whoever I am now.

Luckily my parents were gone this weekend so the two of us moved into my house and spent some time in the village nearby. We went into a shop there that I’d never been in (and I’ve pretty much lived here forever except for when I went to school). It was a neat little Canadiana arts store supporting local artists. It inspired me to be more crafty, hence the knitting 🙂


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