what to do if you think you have candida (or another digestive tract disease, or inflammation)

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This is just based on experience, so it definitely has to be catered to your circumstances, but I thought it might be helpful (after speaking to a new friend about similar health issues) that I post what processes you should go through and which specialists you should see in order to ensure that you have all of your bases covered and that someone will (hopefully) find a solution to your problem.

First of all some symptoms: chronic pain in the abdomen (small intestine area or could be ovaries, but likely small intestine), lack of focus, low b12, low iron, (inability to absorb nutrients), throat painful (inflammed can sometimes close up), tongue red and painful (I have ulcerations or blisters on it — yuck), general feeling of poor health, some vomitting, nausea, my eyes also often burn, I have severe weight loss (but you could have weight gain as a symptom).

Go to your family doctor and complain about the abdominal pain while also adding the other symptoms in there. Ask to have an ultrasound done. This will likely not show any results.

Ask your family doctor to refer you to a GI (specializes in digestive tract complications). The GI will likely do a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy. If no results are found (likely) then they will do a catscan (likely no results here either).

Now you can rest assured that it’s not some massive growth taking over your abdomen, but you still don’t have answers.

Make sure you get your ESR tested. This number should be around your age, plus 10, divided by 2.

At the same time that you’re going the “traditional” medical route also go for the real traditonal medicinal route through naturopathy.

Ask about Candida and have a food sensitivity test done. This can be done through Koru, which is really cool. You hold onto a copper post in one hand (connected to a computer) and another copper post pokes your other hand. this creates a complete circut and the computer is able to read levels that your body can accept for hundreds of foods. Don’t be worried if you cry (lots of people do when they’re told that the foods they love are what is part of the problem).

Now that you’ve got the naturopath under your belt (and you’re likely no longer eating sugar or wheat or dairy (to give your digestive tract a break because these are really hard to process) you can ask the GI to refer you to both a gynecologist and a rheumatologist.

The rheumatologist is key (especially if you have a high ESR) because they specialize in disease. Candida also often grows in an immuno-deficient environment, so if you have an auto-immune disease it is likely to grow in your body. Candida occurs when the body is stripped of its natural flora (often by a combination of using steroids such as the birth control pill and the overkill of anti-biotics that doctors like to prescribe — which reminds me that another symptom is being ill and unable to shake it repeatedly). When the flora is compromised then the candida yeast can flourish and it starts to take over everything and can attack any area of your body.

Oh, and vitamins. Chances are you’re not absorbing much — but if you try an elimination diet you should take vitamins. Especially calcium (with magnesium), and a b complex pill (or two), a multi-vitamin doesn’t hurt. BUT make sure you aren’t buying the crap filler brands — go for one of these three brands — natural factors, sisu, or progressive. These are all natural and don’t have added chemicals or by-products in them. Also gluten, dairy, and sugar free.

So, if you think you have the dyingness, make sure you try to get in touch with all of the professionals on this list. They should be able to (one day) figure things out. I’m feeling better at the moment — but know it’s just a matter of time before things decline. So, let me know if you have any successes or additions to the health plan.

For more information on what to do with your diet, and regarding supplements and anti-fungals visit this post: https://doth.wordpress.com/2006/06/02/more-candida-advice-and-lessons-learned/

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7 Responses to “what to do if you think you have candida (or another digestive tract disease, or inflammation)”

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hey do you MSN?
Just wondering…

I have it, but use it probably for about 10 minutes every couple of months — I was more addicted in University, less so with the evil dial up that is part of my country-living existence. 😦

boooo dial up.
Yah, I was SUPR addicted too, now its more of a 10 minuts weekly thing, unless there is someone on when I use it to check my email! just wondering!

I think it’s huge to also ask your naturopath about supplements you should take to boost your good flora and kill the candida. I’m taking d-Lenolate 40% active ingredient (only available in U.S.) to kill the bad stuff and Udo’s Choice probiotic for adults (highest concentration available). But this is a highly individual thing – acutally I was tested the same way as you mentioned (Koru) to see which specific supplements would have the most effect on my candida – and those two came up! I’m actually allergic to ingredients in most other candida-killing supplements!

Oh yeah, and another VERY OBVIOUS sign you have candida if you’re a girl is recurrent yeast infections or just one long unending one that can’t be treated with Canesten or any over-the-counter medication (or prescription oral treatments – trust me, tried everything to avoid giving up sugar!)

I was sensitive to all of the supplements too — I actually had candida pellets — with the same mentality as the flu shot — insert a bit of the disease and you’ll build up an intolerance. They worked well. I also had L. Acidophilis to reintroduce flora. Candicin, Statin (or something like that) and now Fungisode.

Isn’t the koru stuff cool?

That was a very obvious sign for me too — but the doctors kept saying it was fine. In fact, that was the first and only sign for about 5 months…then the tongue and then the side.

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