maybe the dyingness is disappearing?

Posted on February 26, 2006. Filed under: The Dyingness |

It is possible, right? The last 2 days I’ve felt fantastic. Like, haven’t felt this good in years fantastic. I feel like its due to the increase in cashews and water, but really I have no explanation — the pain is momentarily gone, and I have energy — je ne comprend pas. It can’t just disappear after 2 1/2 years of feeling like death, can it?


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2 Responses to “maybe the dyingness is disappearing?”

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I am on day 21.
I cant explain it.
It was like 8 years of a slow agonizing decline in activness, energy, alertness, pain-free days, no nausia….
and then about 3 weeks ago it all came crashing to a halt.
I havent felt even a LITTLE like throwing up in 3 weeks. I havent had any mystery jabbings, stabbings or knawings, I have been getting out of bed at 7:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!! I have been sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! I can actually fall asleep!! My mood is SO much better, NO mood swings and when i get home from work i dont feel like i need to go straight to bed….
I cant explain this, I changed a few things,
I have upped my water and green tea intake. I have cut out white sugar and wheat nasty nasty stuff….. I am eating more produce and being more active during the day like even going to the dreaded gym.
I wouldnt believe it if you told me about it myself, i almost dont believe it myself!!! I am going to the city today and you know what? we will NOT have to come home half way through our day because ” i dont feel good”
what in the world?? BUt lets not complain… i guess you have to get better some time!
HURRAH for feeling good, even if it doesnt last forever…. damn it, it better!

Since I’m convinced we have the same disease — what the hell?!?

I’m on day four of super energy — but I cut out wheat, sugar, and dairy 6 months ago!! and Gluten 4 months ago! So what the hell took so long? There’s got to be more to it, but you’re right. I’m not complaining at all. Just perplexed beyond belief.

Glad you’re feeling better too!

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