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what does the dictionary define you as?

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[noun]:A person who has the ability to be invisible

See what yours is here

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i’m in the money — great, cause i was pretty much broke

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It’s nice to come home to cheques in the mail instead of bills. Mind you, they were both reimbursements (insurance messed up on my policy and owed me money and benefits came through), but it’s still exciting.

I also got one of my co-workers who I worked with at the former evil company a job at the new fantastic company. Well, I didn’t get it for him, he got it all by himself, but I may get some sort of a bonus for the whole thing. Even though just getting him out from the clutches of evil is reward enough for me. Every time I meet up with the people who still work for the evil company the first thing I ask is “okay, now what’s our exit strategy?”. I was so miserable there that I’d actually come home in tears and I’m positive that it was the main reason that I became ill. Definitely not worth it — next time I know better than to suffer somewhere for an entire year. I decided to quit (finally) just because it was Friday the 13th. And it turned out to be lucky because I started my new job exactly 1 month later on the 13th. I’ve always had an affinity for Friday the 13ths — they bring me good luck.

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candida is a bit better, but count is only down 8 points

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I had a candida check up (if you think you might have candida, get a food sensitivity test done through koru methodology) and my number is a bit better, though still on the high side. So there is still rampant candida throughout my body despite 6 months of cutting everything out of my diet. Here’s hoping it only takes another 6 of the super-strict diet. Mind you some things have got in there without my knowing it — bacon is cured with sugar, sushi rice and the ginger they give you has sugar in it, and so does pad thai. I was eating all of these things every so often and as soon as I found out that each had sugar I cut them out. Some sushi places also use imitation crab for their california rolls and I’m tell you, you don’t even want to know the crap that they put in there! But it’s so yummy! I dream of the day that I can have sushi again.

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cold-hearted romantic that i am

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Brian has aptly termed me a “cold-hearted romantic”. I think that he’s pretty much hit the nail on the head.

I was thinking this morning about why I’ve always been so adverse to getting married. I mean, now if I ever do, I’ll never hear the end of it from everyone I know. I think it must have started with the idea that I never wanted to get divorced paired with the idea that marriage wasn’t necessary and it was too conventional. I’m not religious, so i never thought that it was necessary to get married — why did I need that little piece of paper? It all seemed so contrived and pointless, especially when so many people can just throw the committment away with divorce.

I never imagined my wedding as a little girl. I never wanted to wear the gown or walk down the aisle. Not once. BUT, when I was a little girl, I did imagine being proposed to. Never by anyone in particular, just a sort of faceless guy in my daydreams, and I always said yes. I never imagined details that had to be there, but I was always shedding happy tears. So, perhaps the romantic in me would live for the moment of being swept off my feet, but the logical practical cold-hearted side just can’t get to the practicality of having a big wedding. Or the necessity of it.

Marriage as geneologically romantic is an interesting idea that I like. So many stories come from marriages and births and deaths. The cycles we’re stuck to.

I guess I’ve also never thought that I was “marriageable”, but I think that I’ve found someone who might just, one day, take me just the way I am, and that’s cool. If not, that’s cool too. The indifference is part of this whole marriage problem too. I just don’t really care and have never prioritized it. Too damn self-sufficient. That’s my theory.

Thanks for reading the random rambling.

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