ghost walk in downtown tucson very “interesting”

Posted on February 21, 2006. Filed under: Travelling |

I’ve been on a few ghost walks — one in Kingston and another in York, and they’ve been very cool. Usually put on by actors and there are freaky ghost stories of the area that are corroborated with historic fact so that you learn some history of the area in an interesting way. Always very entertaining, but creepy at the same time.

The one in Tucson was VERY different. It was given by a woman who is part of Lost Souls and I guess is a medium or some such thing (I’m not clear on the terminology), and there was some historic fact to the tour and the stories were spine tingling, but she kept telling the stories of the ghosts through events that she and other mediums had experienced. Which, sure I believe in this stuff, but when you start to hear, over and over again that these people speak to the ghosts and that some of them didn’t even die in the area but that these large negative entities are forcing them to stay and won’t let them cross over (and that she won’t tell someone who doesn’t know they’re dead yet that they’re dead), I get more skeptical than usual.

But I guess I’ve always been more into just the telling of the stories so that you can take from them what you will instead of someone trying to force down your throat that this really happened because I talked to the dead guy who’s standing outside the door.

Another interesting thing — she said that people had taken pictures while on the tour and that the ghosts show up…I’m not sure how that works exactly…I guess I’ll have to look it up one day. It would be kind of cool to see that…

She also said that a whole bunch of psychics have predicted the end of the world in 4 years and that it’s going to be a nuclear wasteland everywhere in North America…except Colorado… So the company is moving there, as are several other people who can see this tragedy happening… The reason? Because apparently Colorado is the only place with an upward current in the wind, so the idea is that it will be safe because the nuclear activity will jump over them… Hmmmm… I guess if it happens I’ll believe it, and then I can find out how to become a ghost or a spirit at the same time…


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2 Responses to “ghost walk in downtown tucson very “interesting””

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I went on this same tour with a group of friends, truely spine tingling! Alot of skeptics were in the group and by the end they werent true believers, but close enough. It was alot of fun, visited a few bars along the way – really a great time!

Ah, so they haven’t fled to Colorado just yet? Maybe the psychics changed their minds? The end of the world can’t be helped? Hehe.

Or maybe there is another company now? Which one did you go with?

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