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great big sea in tucson, arizona — such a fantastic show

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What are the odds of an East Coast Canadian band (from Newfoundland) playing in Tucson, and that we’d actually be here to go to the show! It was FANTASTIC! They played stuff from their new CD and then ALL of the great old stuff from their first couple of albums. The venue was The Rialto and it really felt like you were in a small club with something like 50 people around you and they were so close! We even saw them out back before the show and by the time we had walked around to the front of the building to get our tickets they were on stage. The funny thing is that I’ve been listening to them for 10 years and have never seen them play. Even when they came to Queen’s (twice!) I could never go — so it was perfect. I love having Canadian moments in other parts of the world. It was like all of the Canadians in Tucson found their way to one another. Another truly Canadian moment I remember is when Brian and I were in the UK, watching the final hockey game in the last Olympics and Canada won — and it was SO late there! But you just knew that everyone at home was watching the same game and experiencing the win together. The only other truly Canadian moment I remember was when I was downtown Toronto at the Madison and we were in the bottom level where the guitarist usually plays. He was playing Long Time Running by The Hip and the place was packed. So here we were in a great old Toronto home (come bar) and the music was great and there was a Canadian Jr. World Hockey Championship game on the TV. Just one of those moments that make you love, as American’s love to say “Canaidia”

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81 — next stop 100

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81 views today! For this stats addict, that’s just way to fun! Thanks everyone!

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