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i told brian about the blog

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I told Brian about the blog — but he said he wouldn’t read it, which I thought was very cool. We’re having such a great time together and I really do love him (damn, when did that happen?). Just kidding, the only scary part is the whole I would actually marry him part — ahh! Not have an actual wedding or anything, but maybe a big party after we’d been married in Vegas or on the other side of the world somewhere. I know, I know, it’s shocking, and maybe it will wear off. I did get an invite to a bridal shower coming up soon — we’ll see if that reverses the idea. Haha.

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another candida recipe – stir fry anyone?

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I’m sure that if you have candida you’ve found Tamari sauce. You have to be careful in purchasing it because often there is wheat in the ingredients, so make sure there’s no wheat in the ingredients. You can really add this to anything — rice, meat, etc. But if you’re not a vegetarian, you can slice up chicken or steak and marinate it in the sauce, then put it in a frying pan with some green peppers, onions, and really any other veggies and place on top of a bed of rice. Same goes for kebobs — just put the same ingredients on a skewer and place on the barbeque until the meat is done. It’s what we’re going to try to make for dinner tonight.

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8 months at work officially

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I totally forgot that it was Monday today! The joys of being on vacation. Today is officially 8 months since I started working at my new job! Can’t believe that much time has passed 🙂

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tombstone arizona and the famous gun fight and biosphere 2

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We went down to Tombstone AZ this morning and it was pretty cool — definitely can still picture the gun fight at the OK Corral, full with cowboys and “shady” ladies roaming the streets. My grandmother is obsessed with John Wayne and the gift shops were stuffed full of stuff from the movies he’d filmed there. It was actually pretty cool. Now Brian’s at class and I have the afternoon to myself. I can’t believe how quickly the vacation is flying by. We went to Biosphere 2 yesterday — it was the largest man-made biosphere and was kind of interesting. It’s going to be turned into condos soon though — so if you want to come and see it, then you’d have to come before the fall of 2006. It cost over $150 million dollars to create and I don’t think that they actually collected any valuable research whatsoever from the project, but it’s kind of cool nonetheless.

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