welcome to the US — first thing I hear is “terror”

Posted on February 12, 2006. Filed under: Travelling |

There was a TV at the gate when I was waiting for my next flight yesterday and everything was about “terror”. Still with the “terror”. It got me to thinking, or wondering about this word and how much meaning it really still holds. I mean true terror is an emotion or event that very few people in this part of the world will truly ever encounter in their lives (with any luck). But when you continue to through it around the affect must start to wear thin. People become conditioned:

Government says “terror”

People panic

Government says “terror”

People panic.


Eventually aren’t they just panicing out of conditioning? Like Pavlov’s Dogs? And isn’t the word losing its meaning? I think of the word “fuck” for example — I realize it’s an entirely different sort of example, but this word has come to be part of the english language and it’s shock value has pretty much dissipated. If you overuse and devalue “terror” it also may have the danger of leading people into further complacency or paranoia (depending on the person).

Anyway — the real non-point I’m blabbing on about is that the VERY first thing I heard when I arrived in this country was “terror” and for a half an hour, while waiting at the gate, they continued to talk about it.


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My best friend was in the States a few weeks ago and she said if she never heard the word “terror” or “I’m lovin’ it again” she would be fine with that.
I think I will blog about terror… check in wont you?

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