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candida research and disease links?

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The girl we just went out for dinner in has studied microbiology and was familiar with Candida. She told me that there’s a lot of research being done in finding the relationships between Candida and auto-immune diseases. They definitely must be related. Everyone really has a form of Candida in them, but something will set it off. Kind of like a tipping point. So, I’m going to look into some medical and biology journals while I’m close to the university. She also mentioned that one emerging field at the moment is the study of the body’s flora (which is all but absent in a candida-ridden body) and that you can study how it changes throughout the course of a person’s life and then perhaps take what is supposed to be “normal” and match it to any differences that may occur when people aren’t well. Makes total sense to me — if only I hadn’t dropped science after grade 10, I’d be in there, doing research for my PhD!

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quote i loved from an audience of chairs

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“Contrary to her mother’s plans that she marry a pre-med student who really was named Gilbert Blythe and lived on the farm next door in Prince Edward Island, not far from Green Gables”.
— An Audience of Chairs by Joan Clark

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a new island — old news, but cute pictures

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Did you hear that they discovered a new land mass? With new creatures! I know this is a bit of old news, but I can’t add links on my mac, so I had to wait until I could add them look here for the animals.

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welcome to the US — first thing I hear is “terror”

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There was a TV at the gate when I was waiting for my next flight yesterday and everything was about “terror”. Still with the “terror”. It got me to thinking, or wondering about this word and how much meaning it really still holds. I mean true terror is an emotion or event that very few people in this part of the world will truly ever encounter in their lives (with any luck). But when you continue to through it around the affect must start to wear thin. People become conditioned:

Government says “terror”

People panic

Government says “terror”

People panic.


Eventually aren’t they just panicing out of conditioning? Like Pavlov’s Dogs? And isn’t the word losing its meaning? I think of the word “fuck” for example — I realize it’s an entirely different sort of example, but this word has come to be part of the english language and it’s shock value has pretty much dissipated. If you overuse and devalue “terror” it also may have the danger of leading people into further complacency or paranoia (depending on the person).

Anyway — the real non-point I’m blabbing on about is that the VERY first thing I heard when I arrived in this country was “terror” and for a half an hour, while waiting at the gate, they continued to talk about it.

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searched luggage, de-iced plane and a missed connection later

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Well, I finally made it to Arizona. I knew it wasn’t going to be a great day from the get-go because after I got through customs and was going to go through the x-ray part of the airport the customs officer took my boarding pass and said she’d give it to me at the end. After convincing the guy by saying 4 times that “no really, I don’t have a laptop in my bag” they put my stuff through and the girl was waiting, with my boarding pass, to search my bags. Apparently a “random check” she also patted me down around my bra — because I look like I’m smuggling drugs wearing a brown sweater and jeans… Off to a great start. By now it’s started snowing, not much but enough to have to de-ice the plane. So we wait for them to board everyone onto the plane (and it’s so full that it takes an extra half an hour to load the luggage) and then we get to wait to be de-iced. I’ve actually never had that done before and it was kind of cool to see. I guess they just spray the entire thing with anti-freeze in two machines called elephants. As I only had an hour between connecting flights, I kind of figured that leaving an hour late meant that we wouldn’t make it. And we didn’t. They did book me on the next flight (just from Pheonix to Tucson) so I really only had to wait another 30 minutes or so and finally made it in. The world’s largest gem show is in Tucson right now — it’s actually quite cool. A lot of gems, stones, minerals etc. Bought a cool necklace and a ring. The Brian and I went out for dinner with very cool friends of his — and I asked for the fish, grilled, with NOTHING on it — and I kind of think they added flour for some reason — so I’m waiting to see if anything catastrophic happens to my body as a result. It’s so gorgeous here — I really should just move down here. I did suggest that we go to Vegas and get married — haha — I thought that would be a cheesy, fun way to spend valentines day. And it’s probably just about the only kind of wedding I’d have — next to city hall.

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