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sallly’s post reminded me of one of my first experiences with the idiot doctors

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After my side hurting for about 10 days (this was March of 2004) I decided to get it checked out, but I worked downtown so I could only go to the walk-in clinic back at home. I waited for well over an hour and then saw a doctor and explained what was wrong.

“Could you be pregnant?”


“Are you sure?”

“Ya, I’m pretty sure that’s not a possibility at the moment”

He poked my side a bit, decided that it must be a cyst on the ovary and said in a “okay little girl, I guess I’ll try to pretend to pay attention to you” tone that he would send me for an ultrasound.

So I go 3 days later for an ultrasound — it’s supposed to just be one of the general area on the surface of my abdomin. After assuring them that I was not pregant, they let me check in. After drinking 8 glasses of water, they are running late.


I have to pee.

And I’m sitting in a row of chairs that are all connected and there happens to be someone signing to someone else at the end of the row. Now, I never thought about it before, but sign language really does involve a lot of movement and the row of chairs kept bouncing up and down and I really had to pee.

So I ask the nurse at the desk how much longer they’ll be and she says I can let out half a cup of pee and gives me a cup. Right. Good luck with that. I declined.

The technician finally gets me and does the look for the cyst and finds nothing (of course), but she’s concerned so she does a full ultrasound and says: “oh, that’s it right there” and looks concerned as she peers into the screen. This also happens to coincide with the intense amount of pain that I feel when she hits whatever she sees on the screen.

She tells me to come back to the ER if it gets worse.

I come back the next night and wait for 3 hours.

“Are you pregnant?”


“Are you sure dear?”


“But are you absolutely sure?”

Okay — I understand that it’s their job to ask — but COME ON, I’m bloody well sure!

So I get to see a student doctor.


She asks the routine questions and pokes my side. I assure her that I’m not pregnant — and she goes to consult with another doctor.

He comes in and asks

“any possibility that you could be pregnant?”


They leave and I get blood taken.

What feels like years later they return and the first thing the doctor says is:

“Well, according to the blood tests, you’re not pregnant”

In my head I think “Really? Wow — I could have told you that. Oh wait! I did!”

He then tells me that I’m fine and to go home and take an asprin.

So begins the quest for the cure of the dyingness. More installments definitely to come.

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highest number of views yet — how exciting!

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40 people came to my blog today — how exciting! a lot through searches too — my favourite being “drinking in my lincoln” haha. Lots of Candida people out there which I think is great in that I hope we can all learn something about this from each other — it’s a hard diet and a hard road to take, but it’s not impossible, that’s for sure. Yay for stats! What a fun send-off (I know, I know I’m a loser, I can’t help it).

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almost all packed and carry-ons are really quite roomy

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I’ve got the clothes all packed, the vitamins and other supplements (taking L asodphilis and Candicin to battle the evil Candida — and they totally work — when you first start taking them you can actually feel the little cultures fighting it out in your intestine which would be cool if it weren’t part of the dyingness) that I’m going to try to get through customs, the passport, itineraries, reading material (I’ve learned that I’m not meant to get a weekly subscription — it’s not like The Economist is light reading to get through in a week’s time!), cookies are about to be made and lunch packed and I’m ready to head out tomorrow morning! I really can’t wait to get there. It’s been such a long, stressful week and a few days in the sun (and away from -18 degree weather) will definitely do me some good! I’m sure I’ll post again tonight, but if not I’ll be back in a few days (whenever Brian’s at class most likely — still haven’t told him about this whole blog thing, but I’ve come close). Au revoir.

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