the dyingness continues and no one knows why

Posted on February 8, 2006. Filed under: The Dyingness |

You know what’s awesome? Having something health-related wrong with you that has stumped a GI, Family Doctor and a Naturopath!

The GI said, with is head bent over my file stroking his forehead with an intense look of frustration “Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not giving up on you yet, but I’m stumped”.


The Naturopath said “I really don’t understand what it could be…you should be responding differently to the B12 shots” (you know, as in retaining them).

The Doctor, just today said “You’ve always been a mystery to me, but I’d suggest going to find a rheumatoid specialist”.


The other funny thing is that the family doctor, who I was sure thought I was crazy (after pretty much implying that I was) noticed a high/abnormal test (after I asked if I should be re-tested). In all fairness, he didn’t request the test, so he probably wasn’t looking for the result, but my ESR was at 58. Apparently, for my age, it’s supposed to be at 17 – to figure it out (for women) you take your age, add 10 and then divide by 2 (no wonder the GI and the naturopath were freaking out about that number). The thing is that it shows inflammation — the problem? that you have to find where the inflammation is.

Now, I’m no doctor, but I’m assuming that it’s in the spot that hurts…? But I guess that still doesn’t explain the age-old question of why?

The good thing was that suddenly, after over a year of him thinking I’m crazy, I could see a physical shift in his demeanor as he realized that, infact there is something wrong. There could be something very wrong if this number is any indicator. And then there was concern. It is nice that I at least have concerned people looking out for me I suppose. I just wish they could figure out what was wrong.

Perhaps I should go to med school — but I dropped science after practically cheating my way through grade 10. And I doubt they’d take someone with a Masters in Publishing over someone with a Masters in Biology or Life Sciences.

At least there’s the comfort in knowing that the saga of the dyingness continues. I know, you’re in suspense… Don’t worry — I am too!

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4 Responses to “the dyingness continues and no one knows why”

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Oh Heather… I think you’re in line to develop some serious karmic superpowers around age 29. hrmm… like flying or popping out your eyeballs on Jerry Springer.

I’ll come to the show. Seriously.

I dont know you….
but I think for one thing we live in the same area but more impotantly I think I have your disease…
whats your name so I can start telling people what my disease is called
I read your blog (after finding it through a candida search for SOMTHING DEAR GOD ANYTHING that Does NOT taste horrible that I can ACTUALLY EAT !!) and have read through your health delemas, I have everyone stumped, my favorite memory was one where a doctor took a loook at my blood work, took a look and me and said in his broken English
“how are you LIVING??”
thank you, so there IS somthing wrong with me GEEEZ.
if they cant see the bruise nothing is wrong.
Its nice to see i am not the only one infected with the dyingness, although I am sorry about your troubles,
so if you ever figure out what can be done to stop the dyinness let me know, ill be waiting on pins and needles, OR if you ever want someone to complain to or compare idiot doctors to , feel free to email me.

Wow — I’m glad you were able to find my blog and maybe we can figure out “the dyingness” together — though the candida is only one of many symptoms. There are lots of things that you should be able to eat. I’ll try to find some more recipes to post. Are you on the candida diet and have you been on it for long? This is exciting — just to have someone to post with about this. I LOVE the “how are you living?” comment. How long have you been dealing with “the dyingness”? It’s been over 2 years here now. But other symptoms include chronic fatigue, a gross patchy tongue (see the tongue idiot post) and my throat hurt and closed up a few times last year…plus my abdomin started to hurt — I’m in the GTA — are you around here too? I’ll definitely keep you posted on a cure for the dyingness and any progress or digress will for sure be on my blog. If there’s anything uber personal I’ll drop you an email instead 🙂 Thanks for sharing and I hope we can continue this conversation.

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