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the dyingness continues and no one knows why

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You know what’s awesome? Having something health-related wrong with you that has stumped a GI, Family Doctor and a Naturopath!

The GI said, with is head bent over my file stroking his forehead with an intense look of frustration “Well, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not giving up on you yet, but I’m stumped”.


The Naturopath said “I really don’t understand what it could be…you should be responding differently to the B12 shots” (you know, as in retaining them).

The Doctor, just today said “You’ve always been a mystery to me, but I’d suggest going to find a rheumatoid specialist”.


The other funny thing is that the family doctor, who I was sure thought I was crazy (after pretty much implying that I was) noticed a high/abnormal test (after I asked if I should be re-tested). In all fairness, he didn’t request the test, so he probably wasn’t looking for the result, but my ESR was at 58. Apparently, for my age, it’s supposed to be at 17 – to figure it out (for women) you take your age, add 10 and then divide by 2 (no wonder the GI and the naturopath were freaking out about that number). The thing is that it shows inflammation — the problem? that you have to find where the inflammation is.

Now, I’m no doctor, but I’m assuming that it’s in the spot that hurts…? But I guess that still doesn’t explain the age-old question of why?

The good thing was that suddenly, after over a year of him thinking I’m crazy, I could see a physical shift in his demeanor as he realized that, infact there is something wrong. There could be something very wrong if this number is any indicator. And then there was concern. It is nice that I at least have concerned people looking out for me I suppose. I just wish they could figure out what was wrong.

Perhaps I should go to med school — but I dropped science after practically cheating my way through grade 10. And I doubt they’d take someone with a Masters in Publishing over someone with a Masters in Biology or Life Sciences.

At least there’s the comfort in knowing that the saga of the dyingness continues. I know, you’re in suspense… Don’t worry — I am too!

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a garbage truck, a blind spot, and a rolling stop

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3 accidents. I almost died 3 times today.

I was driving down a side road to get to the 401 and a garbage truck that was going way too fast for an icy/snowy road came head on into my lane by about 2 feet. I put the brakes on, but couldn’t slam them, or I’d start to slide into the ditch. He jerked the wheel and missed me by about 2 inches.

Then I almost killed someone.

I checked my blind spot, I swear, and then changed lanes and heard this horn honking and couldn’t figure out why. Um, ya, this car just appeared (I swear it wasn’t there before — I’ve never, in my 10 years of driving done something this stupid before, so that was a bit disheartening) and he luckily didn’t end up hitting me as I totally just almost drove right into him.

Stupid blindness — I think the depth perceptions is going.

Then, going to get gas at lunch I came to a rolling stop and yet another car came up at a stead clip and nearly hit me (I think we’re both to blame in this one).

I really think it’s time for new glasses…. Or a house closer to work! Perhaps walking distance?

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