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only four days until AZ

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Well, the bikini has been purchased and now I just have to try to fit 10 days worth of clothing and stuff into a carry-on suitcase. I have done it before, but it seems like a miracle every time it manages to get done. Even more of a miracle when I pack everything I took with me, plus everything I bought while on vacation and smoosh it all back into the carry-on. If the customs officers ever opened it at the airport, I’d be in trouble because I doubt I’d be able to fit everything back in the right spot on time to catch the plane.

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a word a day interesting definitions…

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I get a word a day emailed to me from wordsmith and I found this one funny a) because I don’t think palindrome is an everyday word for many folks (english majors aside) and b) because the first definition couldn’t really be any further from the second:

This week’s theme: less-known synonyms of everyday words.

cancrine (KANG-krin) adjective

  1. Reading the same backwards as forwards, palindromic. For example,
     “A man, a plan, a canal: Panama.” (letter cancrine)
     “So patient a doctor to doctor a patient so!” (word cancrine)

  2. Crab-like.

[From Latin cancr- (stem of cancer) cancer + -ine.]

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homework on a saturday night, what a riveting life

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I feel like homework on the weekends was way more acceptable when I was at University. I mean not that I don’t enjoy doing it (because I’m a loser, I know, but I can’t help it). I just finished doing a project that is really supposed to be a group project but most of them have all but disappeared. Or maybe they’re not snowed in on a Saturday night like I am. It is kind of fun to get back into the school mindset though. Now I just need to go out drinking and the experience will be complete. Too bad the only candida-friendly drink is gin (which, when mixed with perrier isn’t that bad). Hmm…maybe I’ll go do that now. Not like I can go anywhere anyway, right?

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