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snowstorm — what it’s not like it’s february in canada or anything

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Well, winter has finally decided to show its face. It’s snowing and sleeting and raining and everything out there right now. So much so that my dad couldn’t drive the car up the road because it was so slippery (now, I should mention that this was my grandfather’s car so it’s a 1984 Lincoln Town Car with summer tires on it that are almost as old). Luckily I had friends visiting who happened to have both a jeep and a tow rope in the car. What a coincidence. They were looking at our house to see if they wanted to buy it in the spring. It would be kind of neat to hand it over to friends. The cool thing about the house is that my best friend growing up lived in it, so I technically grew up here as much as I did at my own house. We didn’t buy it from them, but bought it a few years later and the other funny thing is that we’re actually moving back to our original house. It’s being rebuilt and technically we lived in the apartment part of the house, but it’s kind of funny. It’s more or less just down the street, but it’ll be nice to move and at least get some more space (until I can move out). Wow, that was a tangent from snowstorms — the idea at the beginning of writing was to say that it really hasn’t been much of a winter but of course it will snow on a weekend when you’ve got places to go and people to see. I miss those days when it would snow and you’d get to stay home from school and build forts and snowmen and drink hot chocolate. Maybe I’ll try to invent candida-friendly hot chocolate — soy milk and melted gluten, sugar, dairy free chocolate chips anyone?

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i just got a beautiful display of flowers delivered

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What a cutie — Brian sent me these gorgeous flowers for our 1 month anniversary — wow. I’m really not used to all this treatment and sweetness. They’re so nice and all pink. The only thing that sucks is that I won’t be around to enjoy them because I leave for Arizona on Friday! Well, I guess that’s pretty much a whole week. Just a nice surprise 🙂

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we’ve made it to one whole month

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Well, Brian and I have officially been back together for a whole month. Only 11 more to go until it’s the longest relationship I’ve had — which was, subsequently (ironically), with him four years ago.

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hockey playoffs continue…or do they?

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My little brother’s team had the game of the season tonight. They staved off a team that was a year older than them and he was doing everything to keep the puck out of the net — even did the splits twice (ouch!). They played their little hearts out and lost 2-1. We were excited because they really did suck at the beginning of the year and have come a long way, but sad because they won their first play off game and this one was so close to being their second. The fun part was that this game didn’t count! There are an uneven number of teams so this one was just an extra one to fill in space. Let’s hope their skills continue and their luck improves by one goal for next week. Oh, and that Kevin can keep his slashing stick to himself. He slashed a kid who wouldn’t get out of his crease and got a penalty with less than 2 minutes left in the game. Fiesty little guy.

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bad mood day = acting like an idiot

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Aside from being totally out of it at work all day and just in an exhausted, all round terrible mood, my adorable little brother decides (as always) that it would be a good time to test limits and be a little bratty brother (totally allowed and understood, but annoying sometimes nonetheless). He asks why I’m in a bad mood, to which I reply no reason. He claims that doesn’t make sense and there has to be a reason. I say, no not really, just tired and in a bad mood. As he continues to press and then not listen as I say can you please not play the piano right now, or please don’t put your hands all over my face, or stop touching me, he just doesn’t listen (never has — is that a male gene or just something they seem to pick up along the way?). Anyway, the somewhat bad mood progressed because of this annoying behaviour (another reason to move out) and I had to come and take refuge complaing (yet again). The poor little guy. I’m certain that all issues would be resolved and my mood would brighten if I could just have chocolate or a pieces of yummy french bread or greasy gross pizza again: that must be part of the moodiness problem, the lack of comfort foods! Haha.

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