candida-friendly breakfast — it’s good for you

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I’ve realized that candida is a cross between being diabetic, having celiacs, staying on the wagon, and being lactose intolerant, at least with regards to food. The best of all worlds really — yikes! I wanted to share some tips on my blog for those of you who may be experiencing candida (or just want to eat healthy stuff). I’ve found it hard to find recipes with all of the restrictions. There are some online but they aren’t always gluten free or sugar free really. So here’s a simple breakfast you can make. Use up some leftover brown rice (which has some of that yummy b12 in it), heat up a bit of soy milk (a brand with no sugar or cane juice in it — the only one I can find right now is called natura), then heat up some of the rice and add some cinnamon into the mix. It tastes just like oatmeal, but it’s better for you. I also promised I’d post a cookie recipe for a friend — I’ll be sure to do that tonight.

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155 Responses to “candida-friendly breakfast — it’s good for you”

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I just came across your blog. I am on the candida diet for lots of similar reasons as you describe. I went to all the doctors and did all the tests and they all told me I was crazy. So, I studied health and nutrition on my own and discovered this candida thing. This restrictive diet is killing me and I’ve only been on it for about a week or so! The hardest meal is breakfast. Any more ideas for breakfast? Also, do you not eat any fruit? I am dying without fruit but all of the things I’ve read say don’t eat fruit – at least for a few weeks. I have cheated and had some graprefruit. I can’t believe you’ve been on this for 6 months. I don’t think I can go that long. I was thinking I would go 6 weeks! Are you taking anti-fungal herbs too? Thanks for the info.

only certain fruits are ok, berries EXCEPT for strawberries, & green apples.

Hi Molly M. I posted a reply here: and please feel free to ask any more questions. I thought that this was worth of a post instead of just a comment reply. I enjoy talking about this and helping out other people because I know how hard it can be and I want to raise awareness of it’s existence. I’ll post the pancake recipe soon.

I have been on the candida diet for a year and a half now and at first felt very limited in my food choices.
I have become an expert at alternative cooking and could probably help you with recipes if you have any questions.
It turns out that there are a million things that we CAN eat as well as a million things that we cannot.

Hello! I would love to have some ideas about what I could eat. I am trying to stay low in carbs, no sugar and no yeast. Let me know if you can. Thank you!

HI!!! I am fixing to start this diet for my endometriosis because it has been said from studies that women with endo that try this have lowered symptoms. Please please pllleassseee email me as many recipes as you can. I have been searching for two days trying to create a sort of cookbook for myself. Also, is V8 alright to drink like the regular juice or will I have to invest in a juicer????
My email is

Please HELP!

I too have found a lot of things and subsitutes for things to eat — it’s really not that bad. Eating out is the only challenge, but most good restaurants will cater to your needs. Just be sure to ask a lot of questions. You’ll also get better at knowing what to ask as you go along.


I’ve recently been diagnosed with Candida (thanks to course of very strong antibiotics), and the information available is too overwhelming. One site says, yes I can eat whole grains, the other says, “don’t even think about it”, one says its ok to have fruit (berries and citrus), the other tells me not to have any. I don’t know who to believe.
Any suggestions would be very appreciated πŸ™‚

citrus is bad! & only green apples, not the other ones.

Lemons are ok as your body turns it alkaline, use it in hot tea with stevia.

Hey, I have successfully been on the Candida diet, so if you have any questions, I can probably answer them. See my previous post (Rachelle, April 23, 2010), I hope that it provides all the information that you need! It worked absolutely for me!


Yes it is confusing, with lots of conflicting info. Here is what I have found after many years of research, trial and error. For candida all grains and starches are out. These only feed the candida as they turn to sugars. All fruit is out with no exceptions. The more vigilant you are in the beginning the quicker it will go. What is very good is: plain no sugared yogurts, all vegetables (go easy on the very starchy veges like pumpkin) white cheese like low fat cottage cheese (no hard yellow cheeses) no fermented foods, and no fungus foods like mushrooms. Of course all breads and yeasts are out. So, lots of salad, veges, fish, meat, chicken and eggs. Absolutely NO VINEGAR!
Hope this helps.

Braggs non filtered organic apple cider vinegar is OK
to consume on candida . It’s the only one !

also lemon is ok in hot tea as it turns alkaline once in the body

Hi San — it can be confusing and it’s because the yeast is different in everyone. You must AT ALL COSTS avoid sugar and fungus. Most people also have to elminate gluten or at least wheat because the candida often adapts and likes to use this substance as well to grow stronger — but not always. Your best bet is to cut it all out and eventually reintroduce small quantities and see how it feels. Cut everything (including fruits — though you can sneak in 2 servings a day — you have to our you’ll get no nutrients whatsoever) back for at least 6 months — more likely a year. You’ll start to listen to you body and trust me, you’ll know if you mess up and some sugar slips in.

You must also get some L. Ascodophilis and Anti-fungals. Have a look in my candida category tag — all of this info and more, including books that are helpful can be found there.

Hi, Can anyone tell me if its ok to have Cocoa powder when on a Candida diet? Also what about Diabetic chocolate? I am desperate!

I have been having cocoa, though not often, and chocolate without sugar (or any other sweetner) in it. However, look out for maltitol and sorbitol — they are laxatives. I believe you can have it on a candida diet, though if your body hurts after trying cocoa or sugar free chocolate then don’t eat it for at least 6 weeks and try again.

Hi I am also a sufferer of candida and is getting worse. I have just discovered all the foods I should not be eating but the list does not cover everything and I also dont what I can eat. Does anyone know of somewhere I could get a comprehensive list or something to help?

You may want to check out the company Maxam Neutraceutics they carry a great product called bioguard for candida as well as a heavy metal full body detox. My family has just started this and already I am noticing symptoms going away.

You may want to check out the company Maxam Neutraceutics they carry a great product called bio guard for candida as well as a heavy metal full body detox. My family has just started this and already I am noticing symptoms going away.

Lisa, check this post out: It has everything you need, including more than just dietary changes and a book you NEED to get! Good luck — let me know how it’s going.

I have candida fromhaving 3 surgeys at one time……..
Iam on VSL#3 it is 450billion probitics shipped on ice…..
also………using th ecolonxi cleanse……..also grape seed extract.and caprlylic acid…….Candida diet is rough and
very boring…….i have dry mouth and phelm anyone out there with this? My vagnal infection is gone praise God but stillfeeling like crap geed days and bad ones.I was told my body is purging from wha tI am doing and they are dying off.If you do this cleanse you will be surprised what comes out of you.Iwas told by a friend that has it that I will get my like back
in a few months………I eat Ezekiel bread found in Whole foods market. meat thati s fed without antibotics and organic veggies………I hope this hepls everyone who is on this nightmare……..God bles Deanna

Hello all u other Candida sufferers, I am from the UK and nearly a week ago went to have a food sensitivity test done at my gym, it showed up that i had 38% Candida and am wheat intollerant and a few other things intollerant, the lady there gave me 10 different vitams in which to take and the first night in which i took all of them at the same time i had quite a bad allergic reaction to them, (swelling lips, eyelids, hives, nasal passages swelled up, asthma got very bad), the next day took the vitamins 1 by 1 and worked out it was the vitamin b complex which was causing it, it contains parsley which according to this food test i am also allergic to! So anyway i took the vitamin b on its own and had a reaction but nowhere near as bad and did the same today and had no reaction what so ever, has any body else experienced similar?? Also the multivitamin which i bought has brewers yeast in it, should i change it?? Also, i to am finding it difficult to know what i can and cant eat! Are any forms of pasta alowd? Does anybody know how long it takes to actually kill the Candida either??? I would be very grateful for any advice on this as i really want to sort myself out as have been overweight and had acne for a few years now. Thanks

Hi all, I came across this discussion from a google search for suitable recipes and Jane’s description of candida being a cross between all of those things hit right home. Some days my guts is so bad it seems as if there’s nothing but rice and steamed chicken that’s safe for me to eat! I look forward to joining in and finding out how to make this dietary regime work for me.

Interestingly it was my osteopath who picked it, not my GP, despite the extent of symptoms over a long period.

Re: Molly’s anti fungal herb question. When I was first diagnosed, I googled candidiasis to find out more about it and one of the sites that came up was a New Zealand product called Kolorex. (Made from an NZ native plant called Horopito that never gets any plant fungal diseases because of it’s natural anti-fungal properties). Becuase I was in such a bad way, I ordered one of nearly everything they produced (believe me I needed it everywhere, inside and out!) and I was very impressed. It certainly speeded up and helped my efforts.

The site is:

Their ‘order now’ links go to a separate organisation who were fantastic to deal with and exceptionally fast at delivering.

Hope this is of use and look forward to finding out more.

So what is it you take altogether to manage it? How long have you been doing it? Did you suffer from Acne before u started treatment and is it gone?? Excuse all of the questions but no one i know knows anything about it! Thanks.

Hi all fellow anit-fungals! It is hard this Candida diagnosis. I was diagnosed with it 2 months ago. Am on Tinnalbit for all the bad bugs and Nistantin for my second month. The diet is hard…. I’ve been off the wagon a bit for two weeks and have chronic stomach pain and this crazy spontaneous burping! I just want my old comfort foods back!! I was totally strict on the diet for the fist four weeks and felt much better – it’s worth it for sure. Like any junkie, it’s hard to let go of the stuff we are used to.
Would love some more recipies….. Sal

Hey Sally — have a look through my blog, there are more recipies — including one for a cake and cookies! Good luck with the diet. It’s hard, and it takes about a year to pay off (in combination with the anti-fungals) but it’s definitely worth it. You will feel well again!

did vsl killl you candida– i had a round of flagyl and now i’m taking 1/2 of vsl– and i think i’h having die off and then i feel better–i think i still have candida and vsl is trying to kill it still– did you have gas and side effects

I don’t know what vsl is. Sorry.

Hi All,

Another UK sufferer. I was diagnosed with candida when I was about 15, and only now have I realsised that is why I feel so tired and depressed all the time. It is a real drain. I am going to cut out all grains for a week, eat only fresh vegetables and nuts. I am lactose intolorant and wheat intolorant and have suffered from IBS (what a cop out) for about 5 years.

I have recently been seeing an acupuncturist and he talked about leaky gut. I have been suffering from sinusitus and so googled them both together and found Candida… isn’t it weird how things come about. Today is the first day of my anti fungal diet. I ate so much chocolate yesterday I don’t think that i want to eat it ever again… Die candida DIE!!! πŸ™‚

UK girlies (and anyone else) see below link –

Out of curiousity — who diagnosed you? The doctor’s here in Canada still don’t think it exists… so I’m curious to know how the yeast problem is found out about in other countries? Did they do a test for it? or actually LISTEN to your symptoms (imagine that?)?

Oh, and an FYI — it’s likely not IBS. It’s likely the candida that makes you feel like it is.

Hi All!
I was so excited to come across all of your wonderful comments and suggestions. Your stories all hit very close to home. I had always assumed that I had IBS. Like some of you CDN girls ;)I felt like I had gotten nowhere talking to Dr’s. I went to a Naturopath and discovered all my symptons were connected. Severe bloating, gas, painful cramps and possibly feeling of exhaustion and moodiness. These problems began after I took clyndamicin (after surgery) I got really sick after the antibiotics and was diagnosed with C Diff. (Clostridium Difficile). Not fun, let me tell you! I was given Flagyl(SP?). The single thing that helped me the most was the Wild Rose Cand -Aid Cleanse. A 15 day program. It was recommended to me by my Naturopath. I also bought the “Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Cookbook for Cleansing” the cookbook did help, but I am still at a loss for more recipes. I felt great immediately after, and even lost a little around the waste. It has been about 10 mths since and I am in need of doing it again. I recommend this to anyone who suffers from Candida. Visit if you are interested. Please all of you keep writing, the information helps a lot!

great comments , have been on the candida diet for two months cheated over christmas symtoms have not changed I suppose they wont until I get this eating and drinking sorted

They won’t change at all until you stick with it. Good luck! It’s really not that hard — I’m sure you can do it πŸ™‚

I am living in South Africa and although I have not been diagnosed with candida I read extensively and all the symptoms, from the allergies, sinus, tinnitus, dizziness seem to point to candida. Have been on anti-fungal herbal pills for 1 week now and taking colon cleanser. Have also cut all sugar from my diet as well as refined products. The amazing thing is I ate almost exclusively fruit for a couple of years and then started to include veg as well. I am a marathon runner and always considered myself extremely fit and healthy but for the last four years have become allergic to almost every food, lactose, gluten. What is the chance I caused my own imbalance because of unbalanced and restrictive eating? I now include fish, chicken, lean mince, lots of salad and some fruit. What is is situation with fruit? Some day I can eat it and others say no. For an ex-fruitarian this is a dilema.


You will be able to reintroduce fruit in a while, but a limited amount for some time. I had no fruit for about 6 weeks and the tested with 1 serving a day, then after about 4 months I could have 2 servings a day and now (a year later) I have no more than 3.

You’re likely right in the thought that you caused your own imbalance based on what your body can process and on what you have been eating..but you can correct the imbalance if you stick strictly to a candida diet for about a year. Let me know if you have any questions and, now that I’m into this by over a year, I can try to help.

Good luck!

Check out these books as resources for battling candida (and for more recipes):

Thanks for all the info,
I ave been in denial for years about candida and I am now finally accepting it. I’m ready to do what it takes to live and be healthy.
I pray divine health and healing over all of us.


I’m a British woman living with the nightmare of candida in Switzerland where it’s virtually unheard of. I was diagnosed in September through a UK nutritionalist and have been living on a very strict diet since. I recently found and for the first time actually feel like I’m getting rid of the candida for good – the doctor who has set up the website is an inspiration and I can’t recommend a telephone consultattion enough – if you can’t afford that (or the supplements) then simply adjust your diet to suit his online recommendations – it’s strict but the effects for me were monumental. Good luck!!

Sarah — you can definitely do it and now, after over a year of treating candida, I feel SO much better! I still have bad days and good, but overall it’s much better. Good luck! Check back in if you have any questions.

Lisa — good for you for getting to the bottom of it and finding someone who will help you. It took me almost a year to do that, but if you keep persisting and fighting for it, it eventually pays off. Good luck!

Hi doth

I was wondering about this candida and how out of control it can get. I was never diagnosed but sometimes just smelling sweet I get vaginal discharge. My mouth is always sweet tasting and water can sometimes be bitter. I am always constipated and the only thing that helps is milk of magnesia. I also have bladder ulcers. Can candida albicans cause you to have bladder ulcers? I suffer from weight loss, hair loss no shine, constipation, cold hands and feet, depression, bacteria vaginosis, undigested food in stool and acidic smelling, and so on and so on, I feel like I am dying and no dr. knows whats wrong with me. I am so fustrated and the only thing that helps me is prayer. Doth does this sound simular to candida. Will I get better you think. I can’t have any acid or garlic and such because it hurts my bladder.
thank you for this site
lisa marie

Sounds like you may have candida or another digestive problem. If you’ve been tested by doctors for everything else (a GI to test for Chrones, Colon Cancer, etc.) then you should see a naturopath to figure out how to best attack the candida if it’s in your body. If you then stick to the diet regiment you will be amazed because in about a year you will start to feel a lot better. It’s a long process, but so was the one that likely got you into this candida ridden state.

Check back in and let me know how you are doing from time to time.

Hi Doth,
I’ve been reading through your postings, and those posted by others and I am wondering if the symptoms I have been suffering from ,for the past year and a half, are related to candida. The only concern I have is whether males can develop this overgrowth? I have been to many doctors, and am currenting waiting to see a throat specialist regarding; irritation, redness, tastebud inflammation and a white tongue coating that has been persistent for over a year. In addition, I have also been suffering from blurred vision, red eyes, fatigue, digestive problems, and superficial redness or rash on intimate areas(the doctors are not even sure).
I took it upon myself to purchase the ThreeLac product with no success. (did not attempt to alter diet, as promoted). Recently I purchased a candidia kit equiped with anti-fungal agents, flora, and various other products. I managed to cut my sugar intake; however, I did not take it upon myself to cut my carbohydate diet.
I am a 20 year old male, in good shape and suffering from an incredible lack of energy and motivation which was once a characteristics I took pride in. Can someone lend a hand?

Hi Adam,

Yes, men can get candida too. Sometimes it can be passed between sexual partners or it could be from your diet, health, prescribed drugs taken in the past.

I saw a throad specialist way back at the beginning of all this and he found nothing even though my throat continued to close up and was in pain daily.

You must cut out (completely) all sugars including complex ones as you indicate and natural ones like fruit for some time. I recommend seeing a naturopath because even though you have purchased anti-fungals they may not be the ones that will work for you.

Good luck and please check back in to let us know what your diagnosis is.

Hi Doth,

Just checking back after having a specialist examine my throat (even stuck a scope down my nose to look at throat). Well the doctor admits that something is wrong and there is definately some “marbel” irritation; however, she suggested I gargle with salt for a month. I asked her about Candida and she knew about it, but did not think it was the case. After the appointment I went out and bought the “complete canadia yeast guidebook: 2nd revised edition” I’m gonna try to commit to the suggestions in there for a minimum of a month.
I’m also thinking about going to see a naturopath.
Anyways, thanks for the ear.

Hi Adam!

Thanks for checking back in. The first person who looked at me was an ear nose and throat specialist too! Only he didn’t have a clue and, despite my disgustingly patchy tongue and the fact that my throat kept closing up, he said I was fine. Let me know how the salt gargling goes! It definitely should work to heal any wounds πŸ™‚

I’m so glad you went to get the Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook. And impressed that you found it in a store! Usually you can’t. (For others, you can buy it here:

Good luck and let me know how your reading and everything goes. I’m glad you’re looking into it and if you need any help or thoughts, feel free to drop back in.


Another great breakfast is to use Millet flakes and soya milk to make porridge – delicious

I have been on a candida cleanse now for two months. I am worried because in the last week, I have developed abdominal pain that is starting to last all day long. I haven’t cut out sugar completely, because I have low blood sugar. How can you be on a candida cleanse and yet have low blood sugar? What can I do? I have been constipated constantly also. I’m always hungry, yet every time I eat, no matter how small the meal or how vegetable-laden, I always get a stomachache and constipation immediately. Please advise on what I can do about the sudden stomach pain and constipation, and the blood sugar problem. Thanks so much.

help, my son with autism is undergoing antifungal treatment. I don’t seem to be able to get a bottom line answer to the question “does maltitol feed yeast?” HELP!

Thanks for the idea. I’m running out of breakfast options. You know I did the Brown Rice Diet about 10 years ago and lost 35 pounds and kept it off for quite awhile. I’m older with diabetes so I don’t expect much for weightloss but I can notice the difference in my temperment in only of fews days!

I have been suffering with Candida for 3 years
now, self dianosed it in December 06. I found that Peppermint Oil tablets are excellent. I tried
them for 3months eating Vegtable soup/Seaweed
for breakfast, Fish and sald for lunch
and vegetable soup again for tea.. this half
killed me. all i could think about was food
and just having one little bit of chocolate… i gave in after doing so well then i’d binge eat and try
and get thorugh so much chocolate and sweets until i felt sick… Candida is a horrible thing, my life has
stopped, i no longer go out and socialize i have no
motivation, all charactor traits i was so proud
of. I felt better after sticking to the diet and
taking Peppermint oil tablets as well as Pre-
biotic 7 which you can get from Holland and
Barratt but as soon as i start to feel better
i have that one bi of chocolate and go straight
back to square one.

I dont know what more i can do… the cravings
are immense and i just give in. Any help out there
for the cravings…. im at my wits end with

I just started a candida diet and taking a product called “fivelack” 2 weeks ago. I had extremely INTENSE sugar cravings where I couldn’t control myself. As soon as I started Fivelac the cravings dissapeared! And I mean immediately after! I could hardly eat anything for a few days and I could feel it working. I suggest this product along with the candida diet and other immune system enhancing herbs.

Hello! So five lac really helped rid Candida for you?? I have chronic sinitus for three years and am desperate to get rid of it and start my life again! The diet IS hard, ive been on it for a week and am sooo tired of it already! i think I will try out the five lac…. πŸ™‚

i have been fighting candida now for 5 years and understand your feeling of being at the end of your rope. My candida levels would always work there way back up if i ever cheated just once and once always led to twice and so on. the best product i have found ” and i have tryed lots, i even when to the great lenghth to make my own produsts” has been 3lac. With in days of starting it any dry itchy skin began to compleatly dry up and fall off. taking 3lack along with doing a candida diet alows me to cheat here and there and still make great progress. Although i am not totaly free of candida yet i feel closer to it then i ever have before, even wile being treated under the watchfull eye of my natural path. I hope this info helps you in some way. good luck

Hi there,
Thanks for the great info, I’ve been looking online for a while now and researching into this area. I’ve plucked up the courage to start my own site now! Thanks again for the blog.


Thank you. I really needed some ideas for breakfast. I have done some research of my own and discovered I have Candida. I take fivelac 3 time a day and with the diet it really helps me. However I find the diet very difficult and breakfast is just a nightmare. It also very hard when everyone around seems to be eating cakes and chocolates and drinking while I keep giving excuses of food intolerances.
It is really good to speak with people that know what I am talking about.

ugh! tell me about it! grrr! im so used to starting the morning with chocolate anything!!!!!!!!! :-/ hahaha!

For the candida breakfast…
I am following Jeanne Marie Martin’s book, and in Phase II, I find it’s better to eat non-breakfast food for breakfast. A salad and fish will taste their best even in the morning, whereas trying to make a non-gluten, non-sugar, non-dairy, non-fruit breakfast is just depressing to me – it ends up tasting like a bland piece of plaster.
I’m now content with eating vegetable salads, fresh or smoked fish, a vegetable omelette, or even rice and beans for breakfast.

Hearty Omelette
– Chop some vegetables of your choice: onion, garlic, sweet peppers, broccoli, etc. In the case of hard vegetables, you may want to steam them first. You may also add cubed tofu. Put as much as you want, but keep in mind the size of you pan.
– In a bowl, mix 3 eggs with about 2/3 cup of nonsweet soy milk. Add salt and pepper, and fresh herbs or 1 tsp pesto.
– You may add some quinoa flour to make it more hearty, but it’s not good food combination (grain + animal protein) so avoid it if you have digestion problems. If adding quinoa flour, add some more soy milk.
– Heat some olive oil in a frying pan; sautΓ© the onion first, then add the tofu and the other vegetables.
– Once everything is cooked to your liking, pour the egg mixture on top and make sure it reaches all over the pan. It’s normal if the veggies aren’t covered.
– Cover your pan, lower the heat to medium-low and let cook for 5-10 minutes, until the top is well cooked.
This omelette can give you up to 4 breakfasts servings if you eat it with a side salade, and if you put lots of stuff in it.

Thanks for the recipe — sounds great! Unfortunately I don’t have time to make this on the weekdays, but the weekends for sure. Thanks!

oh my goodness…i have had symptoms for about 12 years now. some days are better than others, but i am always scared to make plans because i never know how i’m gonna feel. about 8 or 9 years ago i was having some pretty harsh symptoms. i went to the doctor and was told that i had a b12 deficiency. i was never told what was causing the problem, just given shots for a while until my energy was somewhat restored. i have has this chronic rash on my leg that itches and is painful. i also cannot tolerate wheat, and am extremely sensitive to chemicals. i have an awful copper taste in my mouth and am pretty sure candida is the culprit of all the symptoms. the problem lies in what avenue to take to renew my health. i know that the Lord desires us to be healthy…i also believe that He wants us to use wisdom in how we treat our bodies. (after all we are His temple)
Anyway, i appreciate all the advice…but i was wondering if there are any good books out there…the do’s and dont’s and maybe recipe books for people like us. i pray that each of you will be healthy and that the days ahead would be full of blessings!

Hi Tammy,

The link below will take you to some cookbooks and when you click on it, the first sentence has another link to the essential info/guide books that you absolutely must have. The Complete Candida Guide book is the best resource out there.

I was first treated for candida in 1981 by a wonderful doctor who came to the realization that this is a genuine issue when he lived in Africa doing service work and his wife kept getting sicker and modern meds were not helping. I found him in N.C. I followed the regimen and recall the 3rd day having such a massive headache from all the withdrawls! (No tobacco products, no sugar, dairy, vinegars, alcohol, etc.) Plus, he put me on some minerals and vitamins and after a few weeks I noticed my symptoms leaving and the need to undue my zipper after eating was no longer a necessity! Well, after a year or two, I returned gradually to ‘normal’ eating. I myself moved to southern Africa and feel into full fledge regular eating of all the no-no’s. Then I developed external allergies and had to start using Rx;s to treat hayfever, dust mites etc. In the mid-90’s I moved to Georgia and continued to ignore the yeast free diet. Little did I think or know what was happening internally! Last year I developed some serious respiratory issues and went on several med’s. Something clicked about a month ago when I heard about a lady who had to be hospitalized at UNC Medical Center for Candida. Within one hour I was in a bookstore purchasing the book I had given away years before — The Yeast Connection. I began the strict regimen the very next day and have continued it. My husband and I even went to Disney last week and I had NO PROBLEM staying on the program because Disney waitstaff asks right off if there are any allergies. So, the chefs come out (mandatory) and helped me get quality tasting dishes all without dairy, sugar, vinegar, peanuts, glutten. In fact, they make one to die for Chocolate cake that I spent this afternoon searching the Net to see if I could get the recipe. No luck but I did find this blog site and thus felt a need to post my story here. I hope that folks can exchange more ideas to help us all find variety and creativity in this way of life. I know that I called my doctor a few days ago and was able to go off one of the 5 meds I have been on. I am aiming to have the other 4 gone in the next 6 – 12 months. Steriods are not anywhere as fulfilling as doing the Yeast program!
I have been eating lots of rice cakes with Smart Balance and little almond butter as a snack. And, today I took some raw organic chocolate and powered it into a homemade nutritious hot drink.
I know that I feel really goood and it amazes me how I have no food cravings any more. Very unlike all the times I would start Nutrisystem or another diet and long for sweets. πŸ™‚
Look forward to learning and sharing on this site.
All the best,

I have to give you a big “thank you.” I haven’t started reading your posts, but this one caught my eye. Not only am I on an anti-candida diet, but am also trying to eliminate dairy, eggs, wheat/gluten, garlic, peanuts, soy and red kidney beans. Sounds like I have found a wonderful resource which I’m desperately in need of these days. Doesn’t seem like there are a lot out there for those of us with many restrictions and its really depressing!

i think you might have that wrong a cross between being diabetic celiacs and lactose intoerant i have been treating candida for a very long time now and i eat wheat and am not lactose intolerant nor am i a diabetic

I think they mean by the foods that should be eliminated, not the disease itself. Its just relative to the foods those diseases are not allowed to eat. Those foods all feed the candida, therefore, cutting them all out is similar to having all of those diseases πŸ™‚

Well here goes. I have had Candida, which is a genus of yeast, for well over a year. I saw over 8 doctors, with no help. I have spent hours, days, and weeks researching this problem.

1st – becareful of the anti-funguls. You need them, but be careful.

NYSTATIN LIQUID is the worst. It’s full of sugar, which IS THE WORST THING for yeast. It feeds it. Even the artificals, like splenda etc. TRY Stevia, liquid or powder. It has no effect on Candida. DIFLUCIN damages the liver very quickly. But, you do need something. Best to start with three days of Diflucan, then Nystatin comes in pill and powder form, (if you can find a doctor who knows they exist, push them to find it). The powder is sometimes called Nilstat, it’s the best, especially if you have Candida, in your throat and esophagus.

Remember even though the Candida might learn to resist these anti-fungals, especially the Diflucin, it is essential that they be taken. There are several herbals remedies that work very well together with the prescription drugs. You might have to try several at once. Good luck with the die off.
Diet is the second important thing to do. Best thing to do is eat proteins – meat, chicken, etc., and veggies. IMPORTANT make sure the meat, chicken, etc. are antibiotic and hormone free. Stay away from Milk products, butters and eggs are ok, but use organics. NO, NO, No, gluten, (breads and flours), except brown rice, millet, quino. NO, NO, NO, sugars.
After six weeks most people can slowly introduce these foods back into their diet, such as fruits, but go slow.
The best reference is from the source himself. Dr. Truss was one of the first doctors that put two and two together. Do a search using his name and Candida and see what comes up. The info points out what can happen if you do not stop the Candida. It goes from oral thrush, to leaky gut. It eventually puts roots out, that enter other organs and your blood stream. Which, causes many auto-immune diseases. I have Multiple Sclerosis, and after all of my research, I wonder if this did not contribute or make things worst. So, you would all be wise to change you life stlyes for a while at least. Good luck, your going to need it.
Oh, another good, simple, and cheap thing to try is prescription Iodine. Its great for a lot of things, and it will kill the Candida. Also, you need a Probiotic help the anti-fugals do their job and kill the bad stuff, you also have healthy flora that is essential for your body.
To much info to put here, sorry, and good luck.

I don’t know if you are still available through this link, but I just read your post and I have MS (since 1996) as well. I am starting to put pieces of a puzzle that I believe started before the MS diagnosis. Back in 1991 I was diagnosed with Candida after searching for a cure to chronic Urticaria (hives) that I had for almost a year. I was put on Nystatin but was not really told to change anything else. After a couple of months the hives were gone and Candida wasn’t mentioned again. Now 23 years later I break out with the hives again and know immediately what it was. Now my research is leading me to believe that a systemic yeast infection may be what either started the MS or it may have been the Candida all along and not MS.

Are you still dealing with your symptoms?

Try amaranth too, if you want to take a break from the brown rice (which converts to sugar once it breaks down in the body)

Look at The Body Ecology book, great resource for candida and recipes

Hello, My mom has Candidas and has rash (excema) on her legs. Probiotics and good organic food has literally stopped almost all of the itching associated with Candidas as well as the rash has completely cleared up. She feels it’s the Probiotics that is completely organic, also it is not made from fecal matter, pure organic vegetables and fruits. It is a super probiotic as well as a food supplement. It is called In-Liven and is incredible. After only a few days, things truly began to heal. It is made in Australia, is certified organic there as well as the US, it is the only product of it’s kind. She also stopped sugar and dairy products. You can find In-Liven at:

Hi, I am in the same boat & am miserable. I met with a naturopath yesterday & two have told me to avoid soy. There are alot of reasons but they say it is toxic. It has something called phytates which interferes with something else. I forget but I am sitting here starving for breakfast. All the food that is processed is crap & I hate to cook. I know I have to work on changing my though process, just so tired of this.

Also, the naturopath told me it may take 4-5 months to control the candida overgrowth. That is with the strict diet. I have heard of people taking way longer that that. Also, with candida, many times, parasites are also involved.

I have been on the diet, but cheating some since January and have lost about 20 pds. I am only 97 now so I am concerned. When I say I am on a diet people go crazy on me.

omg!i feel you hun! im naturally about 103, and starting the diet last week… I say that im on a “diet” too and people look at me like im trying to cover up an eating disorder! Grrr. It is ignorance, and who cares what others think, right!? What matters is we HAVE to do this to get healthy again! πŸ™‚ I just tell people i am intolerant to sugar and yeast. that seems to help get them off my back, LOL!

I Ihave an intolerance to wheat, dairy produce, red meat,sugar and rice for starters. I am also presently on a diet, for three months, for candidaas which means that I cannot have,in addition to the above,any fruit.I am amonth into it and doing fine but have two main problems that you may be able to hrlp me with. (a)Where can I get a (bread) spread that’s even tolerably good to taste and (b)Is there a recipe for Spelt Soda bread?

Hello! I find this blog VERY interesting. I was wondering though if Candida can evolve or find a way to be immune to raw garlic. So far everything has been working great, but I worry that they’ll find a way to develop into something more dangerous.

Hi. I have bad phlegm and dry mouth. White almost fluffy tongue and very nasty vaginal thrush. I had the white on my tongue at the back and then it slowly crept forward, now im all covered.

I am on candigone and 21stcenturydetox. I just get cramps and poo alot but nothing major. What can you recommend to get rid of this asap?

Does anyone have pins and needles all the time? Like if u sleep you wake up with a dead arm.. I have bad circulation, but since the detox, not too bad. I eat raw garlic in my salad, drink virgin olive oil, and virgin organic coconut oil, also eat lost of butter, brown rice, millet etc. I try to avoid carbs, but I find that I am always hungry so i ate bread teh other day and got really nasty BV and then thrush on top pf that. GREAT!!. I hate this diet I really wish I could be normal but hey.. I have to stick to it.

Please advice anyone???

Bee I know it is hard but keep going…it will be worth it. The raw garlic may be adding to cramps because of gas. You are also drinking the olive oil while detoxing with candigone??? You need to do things in order and doing too much at once can cause you some unnecessary hurting. A good site to help you know why and how and what order to detox is
There is a lot of info there but it is very worth it to read it. I don’t agree with his “spiritual” ideas put in here and there but the detoxing advice and info is sound. You can find some good recipes from I bought the cookbook and it has recipes to help you get through. Hope this helps.

Are any of you trying ThreeLac, FiveLac or XtraLac? It’s all very well (and rather miserable) doing the diet, but these powerful probiotics recolonise the gut and make it extremely difficult for the candida fungus to survive.

Try the Probiotics on this site, you can read the testimonials. Czerral, who created Spirulina, created In-Liven, it is truly amazing. At least read about it. Ir is made with all certified organic and fermented whole feed (not fecal matter like most probiotics)-It has 13 strains of vital beneficial bacteria: You can read for yourself at:

I have been on this diet since August, the problems started when I detoxed for parasitic infection, rashes went away with strict diet and Itraconozole, then cheated at Christmas with a cookie here and there and some wine, rashes back with a vengeance. I can’t do Itraconozole anymore, so I tried Grapefruit seed extract three times a day and it’s working, scared to ever cheat again! The diet is hard, craving something sweet after dinner, is maltitol ok??
Thanks for reading

I would not suggest using Maltinol by any means. However you can use Stevia. Not all Stevia out there is the same. Many are blended with xylitol or maltodextrin both of which are made from corn and should be avoided. Sweet Leaf makes a safe stevia sugar substitute. A good place to buy the liquid extract is

A little goes a long way.

to Bee – the white on your tongue is probably related to your vaginal bacterial imbalance and the BV – that is my experience. I used a vaginal suppository called Yeast Arrest by Vitanica that I got from my naturopath, it was very helpful. I used 2 suppositories a day (1 in morning, 1 before bed) for 1 month straight, then for 2 per day for 5 days straight 1x per month for the last 6 months, and I will be using it for probaby another 4-6 months. and I can’t believe what a difference it has made. you are probably doing this already, but eliminate refined flour products, fruit, yeasts, and eat more garlic, onions, and members of the brassica family, they are naturally antifungal (kohlrabi, broccoli, kale, rutabaga, etc). I totally recommend the suppository.

I’ve been doing a Candida diet since last May, I was diagnosed with a candida overgrowth and parasites, in addition to lots of food allergies, BV, and in Chinese Medical terminology, a spleen deficiency with damp heat in the lower burner (weak digestion with candida, basically…). I was having MAJOR digestive issues, weight loss, hair loss, fatigue, vision issues, depression, red itchy eyes, recurring BV, hives and eczema, and tons of developing food allergies/sensitivites. My naturopath prescribed the suppository for BV, an herbal anti-fungal/anti-parasitic supplement, Caproyl and a good probiotic. I just finished a month long detox that included different liver detoxing herbal supplements and bentonite clay and a rice protein shake to take the place of some of my meals. Try drinking pau d’arco tea, it is a good antifungal as well.

After 9 months, I’m really starting to feel a lot better, finally. The naturopath and acupuncture have been so helpful. I found that a mix of gluten-free grains, beans, lots and lots and lots of veggies (lightly steamed and some raw), some nuts/seeds, and free range hormone free meats and wild caught fish to be the best bet. The low-carb diet made my blood sugar levels too low and I couldn’t function. Too much meat doesn’t digest well if you have weak digestion, so cook it well and eat it in small quantities, but it is important to include if you find that your body functions better with some animal protein included in your diet. This diet is all about balance, and find things that you can truly enjoy and indulge in that still work for the diet – like sliced sweet potato with nut butter, or a little carob powder mixed with rice/nutmilk and warmed up (like hot cocoa!). Try baking gluten free savory breads and muffins with whole grain flours. Get creative in teh kitchen, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

I’m finally reintroducing fruit, 1 serving of berries 4-5 times per week, and limited amounts of goat and sheep yogurt/feta. I’m gluten and cow dairy intolerant, allergic to wheat and oats, some nuts, corn, soy, eggs, brewer’s and baker’s yeast, citrus, the nightshade vegetables, as well as about 25 other fruits, legumes, and vegetables. it has been really limiting but I’m making it work, and finding that nothing ever will taste as good as feelign good feels. Feeling myself healing makes all the work worth it.

My best suggestion: figure out recipes that work, make big batches, get a deep freezer and a food vacuum sealer, and fill that freezer up. Then you can just grab something from teh freezer, make a quick salad or steamed veggies to go with it, and dinner is DONE. Muffins/breads freeze well, soups are incredibly easy, make big batches of cooked grains and freeze them up too. Eating freshly cooked food is always best, but sometimes you just don’t have time to cook EVERYTHING – so make use of the freezer. Keep your fridge STOCKED with different vegetables, and take baggies of them raw as snacks, or steam up extra veggies at dinner to eat the next day. Get a thermos and take soups with you on-the-go when you know you’ll be away from home all day.

If you can, try to rotate your foods, don’t eat the same thing days and days in a row, it will help you avoid developing more sensitivies/allergies.

oh yeah, and breakfast – I eat ANYTHING for breakfast. usually it is some kind of grain (rice, wild rice, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, amaranth, whatever) cooked up with lots of water, generally with some seaweed or steamed vegetables added. I’ll often add flax oil, olive oil or coconut oil, or ghee. Sometimes I’ll add coconut milk, or shredded coconut, or some nuts or seeds. sometimes I’ll just add some herbs or spices, and cook it up like oatmeal. I eat soup for breakfast a lot, any kind of soup at all. One of my favorite breakfasts is a huge bowl of squash, steamed or baked, or a big plate of other starchy vegetables (parsnips, carrots, turnips, rutabagas, etc). Sweet potatoes make great breakfasts, try stuffing one with other steamed veggies, soaked and pureed cashews (like sour cream!), or mashed avocado. I can’t eat eggs anymore, but if you can, make a veggie omelette or scramble and wrap in a big lettuce leaf or leaf, or blached collard greens or kale – big leaves of greens work awesome as wraps in place of tortillas. So does nori (the seaweed used to make sushi rolls) – you can wrap ANYTHING in nori and it tastes good – fish, meat, vegetables, grains, whatever. I eat a lot of things wrapped in nori for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, anything…it is cheap to purchase at asian markets and super nutritious. Sometimes I’ll grab a can of tuna and eat it for breakfast with some steamed veggies. Be open to eating anything at all for breakfast – at first it is hard, but eventually, you’ll get used to it and find yourself craving vegetables in the morning.

I have a website with lots of recipes, check it out –

Shouldn’t soy milk be avoided when on the candida diet?

Soy should be avoided period. You can do a google search on the many dangers of soy. It is especially harmful to women and causes thyroid problems for one. It is highly contaminated with toxins and is not candida diet friendly. A better alternative is to make fresh almond milk from raw almond. Be aware though that nuts can contain mold unless in their shells. Just note how you feel after eating or drinking nut milk. I used coconut milk for most things.

my 13 year old son, has to be put on the Candida diet. I am tring to find out what he can eat. He is a very picky eater. He does not like Veggies. He is mainly a meat and bread eater.

i have suffered from candida since childhood and now that i am breastfeeding baby has gotten thrush and i got the infection on my breasts (it is painful) so i am starting on a strict diet (can’t bear to give little one meds) for too long) and found a site with some interesting breakfast ideas using almond flour. the pancakes are nice – with or without stevia. i also use almond milk (unsweetened ones only) and find it is nice for cooking (like for pancakes) and drinking (mix almond milk with ice and cocoa or instant coffee substitue like Pero).

You may want to consider avoiding gluten and both rye and barley are not gluten-free friendly grains which pero is made of. If you drink Cocoa I would suggest using a raw organic cocoa powder as others and chocolate are dried using mold/fungus. I also found that nuts can be contaminated unless in their shells. No peanuts as they are highly contaminated with mold. You might do well to avoid them for a short time while you treat yourself.

Best Wishes

I had resolved my candida 10 years ago (my symptoms were vaginal yeast infections) then about 7 years ago I startd having all these bizarre stomach issues. Well, apparently I’m back in Candida Land! I did more research this time and found a correlation between mercury, parasites and candida. They all work together. Somehow the mercury feeds the yeast and the parasites compete with the yeast each growing strongr. So, I started a new approach. I am doing the Candida diet with a mercury cleanse (30 days) then I will follow up with a parasite cleanse (30 days) and finally a candida cleanse with daily probiotic and fiber tablets. Often Candida is to blame when their are other factors like parasites (gross!) but it is seriously worth researching. Best of luck to all of you who suffer. I’m so glad I’m not alone.

Hey Cathy
Read about mercury with skin rashes. Its also somehow linked with the candida issue and parasites. Its worth checking into. Google mercury and candida together.

there are some decent recipes I found on here

Well, well, well I remember those days! I have followed the Anti-Candida diet for 16 years now. I must reassure you all that it does get better and persevering is the best route to take. As for what you can eat, my diet consists of mostly organic foods and most foods hve to be homemade, to avoid the preservatives and hidden sugars(Also look out for MonoSodiumGlutumate on labels when shopping- it will hinder your progress. Cook your own Soda bread- 1lb soda bread flour, 1tsp Bicarbonate of Soda, 150ml yogurt&150ml water. Mix in the wet ingredients only when the oven is up to temperature-220C other wise the Bicarb will start to activate. A little extra water may be needed. Mix with a spoon and then get our hands in to shape the dough. Put in the oven ona baking sheet for 25 minutes. Immediately it is cooked wrap in a tea towel, to prevent the crust from becoming too hard. Avoiding all sugars and artificial sweeteners are a must. I would suggest going around the supermarket reading every label- you get to know which manufacturers suit you best.
On an average day I would eat scrambled egg or grilled sardines on Soda bread toast for breakfast. If you crave baked beans make your own with a tin of haricot beans(chick peas are best avoided too-if you’re making hummous use haricot )and a tin of chopped tomatoes, some dried fresh herbs and even a crushed garlic clove. With the candida restricting the nutrientsa from getting into your system it is a good idea to eat a light protein as well as the carbohydrate first thing in the morning- it will keep your blood sugar levels going. There are so many ways to cook an egg, this has to be your focus now with so few foods in the diet it is the cooking of them that will give you the variety.
For lunch I will have brown rice, potatoes, pasta or rice noodles -all organic and wholewheat- with a piece of fish, chicken, a homemade pie or pasty. A beans stew or chicken casserole. Make your own lasagne with a tin of salmon or pork or chicken mince. The cheese on top is not a necessity- Just make a white sauce and pour it over the top. While you’re still restricting your dairy intake use rice or soya milk. Quiche is a great thing to make, cut up and stick in the freezer for a lazy day- just heat it up in the oven with a jacket potato.
Tea is not as easy- it ends up being another breakfast if you’re not careful, so avoid those food that you’ve eaten during the rest of the day. Jacket potatoes with a tin of tuna and yogurt-a must have as an alternative to mayo. or baked beans. Make a saucepan full of soup, put three or four portions in the freezer to dip into over a month or so. There are very few tinned organic soups out there without sugar or yeast extract in the ingredients list. If you search well though a handy stock of them in the cupboard is useful. I have found ‘Suma’ Minestrone and their Pea soup too.
Also introduce tahini, on soda bread toast or in a sandwich with a couple of slices of tomato(don’t eat too much as they are sweet- a taste is all you need. Rice cakes with all sorts of toppings- tuna, egg, butter, two slices tomato, ryvita- as an alternative to rice cakes, oatcakes. I eat ready salted crisps at this time of day too and a banana. One banana a day is my rule on fruit, no more. Your stomach just cannot take it and will improve a lot more on this restriction. The banana is a lot less sweet than other fruits and is largely carbohydrate. It may sound harsh, but if you start introducing ‘just one’, or ‘this won’t matter’ to your diet the candida will thrive and will crave, through you, more and more for the ‘just one more’ and ‘this won’t matter’
Carob has become my chocolate. Sugar-free carob is out there. You will need to try a few manufacturers before you find your ideal. I eat “Siesta’ carob drops, in small proportions as they have a melt-in-the-mouth quality, better than others I’ve found. Eating in small quantities is essential as the carob does liven up the candida, but not feed it, and can encourage you to chew other more tasty morsels!Try melting it on oatcakes in the microwave- an elegant alternative to the boring old chocolate digestive.

There are many other things out there to eat- rice salads, pasta salads- make your own, mix with extra virgin olive oil or yogurt.
Your energy will be coming from carbohydrates rather than sugars so utilise all the options. Become an expert at pastry, it takes two minutes in the food processor, 4oz fat, 8oz flour, a little water and hey presto! Put dumplings on bean stews. I haven’t mentioned meat yet. Fatty meat should be avoided-lamb, duck. Try to avoid all red meats for at least six month, they are difficult to digest and the longer anything stays in your stomach the more the candida can feed. The ‘Hay’ diet is something I followed for a while, in conjuction with the anti-candida diet. It suggests eating proteins and carbohydrates at different time and leaving at least 4 hours after eating a protein before eating a carbohydrate. Carbos take only an hour to digest so the restriction between them and waiting for a protein is less. Eat Chicken , turkey, poussin-variety is the spice of life- Eat all fish as much as you like. If you want breadcrumbs, make them yourself, with oatbran and sesame seeds for example.
I also eat organic sausages, it was a choice I made to stop the restrictions driving me completely mad! By finding them with at least 90-95% pork and grilling them in stead of frying. A little goes a long way. One sausage cut up in a portion of pasta or a bean stew will give a boost.
Don’t eat cured or smoked meats, the time hanging around to complete that process is only encouraging yeast and mould which may not be visible but is certainly there.
Vegetables are great, eat, eat, eat. Your digestion finds it difficult to contemplate salad at the best of times. A laxative in natural form. Avoid it when you can, if you’re offered some at a buffet or restaurant ask for vegetables instead or leave most of it on your plate. Don’t have it in the house is my rule and at the very most have one leaf in a sandwich. Other vegetables must be cooked. To keep the nutrients in steam them or put in a saucepan with a lid and have a small amount of water in the base, just enough to prevent the veg from burning on the bottom. Avoid the winter vegetables that taste sweet, squashes, large root vegetable, such as swede, turnip and parsnip. The nature of the roots requires a longer cooking time, which draws out the natural sugars. Again don’t eat them raw. The only root I eat is carrot. Love those beans, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, courgette, and many more varieties you can explore.
I hope this helps all of you out there who may be a little confused by you diagnoses. It is a hard time and you may need to ask friend to help you with the cooking if your energy levels are down because of the Candida. But good luck and persevere. I hope you will recover better than me- mine was a very serious case and was not discovered for 9/10 years so keep going. If you follow these rules the results will speak for themselves. Best Wishes

Hi all, I have dealt with the Candida diet before, but not to the extent I am now. Just a tid-bit I wanted to pass on to everyone – Someone mentioned Xylitol in one of the posts, and I wanted to let you know that my research (and experience) has shown that, not only does the xylitol not feed the Candida, it is actually anti-fungal and may help to aid in your recovery. Plus, it does help to satisfy your sweet tooth a little – not to mention all of the other health benefits of xylitol! Just don’t feed it to your dog or you will be taking a trip to the vet’s office…

hi i am starting the candida diet as well as taking terbinafine orally which is a 3 month supply. As this is such a strict diet (as I also am oats,barley,rye,cows milk,bakers and brewers yeast intolerant) i want to know as much as i can so i can finally get rid of it for good but im not sure on the tablets and dosages i should be taking as my natropath has recommended Designs for Health GI Microb X and Oregano O.Y and Allicinn would you recommend the same? I would like to be able to afford to visit a few natropaths to get a few different recommendations but unfortunately that is too costly. I have also googled GI Microb X and it says one of the ingredients is Microcrystalline cellulose, should i be taking this if i have candida? thanks

I am enjoying reading the blog comments. You all gave nice information about candida. Anyway, thanks for sharing the candida breakfast recipe. I know this could be a great info for us. It is not easy to get rid of candida but a proper diet and knowing the things to be avoided would be a good help.

why not just oatmeal? how does one find out that they have candida? holistic doctor?

I hate this diet!!!

I feel like I am starving and the “snackfoods” that I am allowed to eat taste a lot like tree bark. I’ve been on the diet for a week and have craved carbs and something with sugar like I am a drug addict craving heroin. I did not consider myself a sugar eater, but I do love fruits fruit juices and carbs….so I am. I was told I had candida nearly 10 years ago and just didn’t worry about it thinking, “oh, I get yeast infections” – I didn’t really know what it meant. My health has continued to deteriorate: extreme fatigue, blurred vision, depression, mind fogs, etc. When I would ask a medical doctor if the cause could be candida, they would almost laugh and say “no”. Even when I asked the OBGYN, still nothing. Finally, I found a medical doctor that believes in naturpath and am now on the candida diet. I have read so many internet posts regarding the diet, but many are conflicting in areas of Potato’s, wheat pasta, whole grain pancakes, etc. That seemed like a saving grace to me…but if the sites that so no are right..then I’m back to the tree bark. lol I bought some “cookies” today at the health store and that was the first taste of something sweet on this diet and they were really good. Well I came home and googled malitol and now it looks like I can’t eat that either? Anyone know the real deal on any of this??

Hi Kim,

I understand how you are feeling – when I first started the diet, it was torture – good torture, but torture nonetheless!! I have been on it for 4 1/2 months now, and am at the point where I can tell when a food is or isn’t good for me. Here is what I have learned/found:

Potatoes are a big no!! Eliminate them completely. Also get rid of all corn products. Eliminate all glutenous grains (wheat, rye, spelt, to name a few), even if they are whole grain. Oats are debatable for a few reasons, so I just avoid them to be safe. However, do not eliminate whole grains completely from your diet – eat brown rice (avoid white rice except in small amounts and on very rare occassions) including brown rice pasta, brown rice milk, etc, millet, buckwheat, that kind of thing. They are a little different to bake with, but you get used to it. You can even get plain, puffed millet and eat it like a cereal.

I enjoy chickpeas and eat them (from the can – I’m lazy) every so often. Also, add red split lentils into your diet – they are fast, easy, delicious, and unbelievably nutritious! Avoid peanuts and cashews, but you can eat macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, that kind of thing. However, eat ONLY in moderation – too much and you will regret it.

Here are some fruits that you can eat: Any and all berries! Although they are sweet, they are also anti-fungal – which means that they will kill the candida more than they will feed it. Pinapples are actually a big berry, and I love starting my day with a big, tall glass of pure pineapple juice; I get lots of vitamin C there and don’t need to take a supplement. I am also a big fan of blueberries and blackberries, and cranberries are very beneficial on the candida diet. You can also eat grapefruits, lemons (I think limes, as well), and green apples (only the green variety, though). Avoid cooked carrots. Tomatoes have been disputed, but I find that, as long as you are including the apple cider vinegar and yogurt in your diet, they are not too acidic or sweet, so I eat them.

Take out all vinegar from your diet, with one exception: Apple-cider vinegar is actally anti-fungal, and helps to bring the body’s Ph into balance, so not only can you eat it, you really should have it in your diet on a regular basis.

The only sweeteners that will not feed the candida are Stevia (which I really dislike) and Xylitol. Although xylitol can come from corn and looks, bakes, and (almost) tastes just like sugar, it is actually very different. Instead of feeding the candida, it will help to kill it. This is another thing that you not only can, but really should, have in your diet.

Remove all (cow) dairy from your diet (including ALL cheeses) except for plain, unsweetened yogurt. Yogurt contains bacterial cultures that will help to kill the candida and replenish the good flora that should be in your body. (However, yogurt alone is not enough, so you really should go to the health food store and get a good, strong probiotic as well.) Having said that about cow’s milk, I have discovered that goat’s milk and sheep’s milk do not feed the candida. In fact, goat’s milk (and goat’s milk cheeses, etc) help to kill the candida, so this is another thing that you really want to add in to your diet!

Of course, all caffeine is a no-no (coffee, black tea, grean tea, all of it), and so is alcohol (big time! – including vanilla products). However, if you are missing your coffee fix (like I often do), warm up a cup of goat’s milk. It might not taste anything like coffee, but it works far better at waking you up and giving you energy, but it won’t keep you up when you don’t want it to. I have grown to love it!!

Of course, yeast and fungi (like mushrooms) are out. Apparently, baker’s yeast and brewer’s yeast are acceptable, but I’m not willing to risk it.

Watch all of the meats that you buy (sausages, cold cuts, etc) to make sure that they don’t contain any milk products, wheat (or other gluten sources), or sugars (such as sugar, dextrose, maltodextrin, etc).

Now, I know that that sounds like a lot to eliminate from your diet. However, all it really means is that you will make most of your own foods instead of buying them pre-prepared – and that’s a healthier way to eat, anyway. To recap, here are the exceptions that you can have: xylitol (instead of sugar); berries, green apples, and grapefruits (instead of other fruits); gluten-free grains and products (so, brown-rice pasta instead of macaroni, buckwheat biscuits instead of bread, etc); goat’s milk dairy products, and cow’s milk (plain, unsweetened) yogurt (instead of the usual dairy products); apple cider vinegar (isntead of ALL other vinegars). As you can see, you can still eat most kinds of dishes. In fact, you can still bake yourself desserts that taste like desserts – just be creative!

Not only will you feel sooo much better on a strict candida diet, but you will actually come to think of it as a really gourmet way to eat. I just love making my own salad dressings and being creative in my use of goat’s milk feta, goat’s milk mozza, pineapple, blueberries, and all of the other yummy things we can still have!

So go on and enjoy both your health and your food – you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other! Just note that there will be times when you might not feeel your best (when the candida is dying off, when you first introduce xylitol or pineapple into your diet, etc). However, these times will pass quickly. Hope this helped!!

Hi everybody! (sufferers)
I have been sufering from stomach ulcers for years and years and last year undergone a “fix” of super strong antibiotics.Got rid of Helicobacters, and ulcers, but develpoped candidiasis. To this day, in 14 months I did about 4 rounds of Candi-gone cleanse, and Nystatin/Fluconazole. And at least 3 rounds of single treatements either with Nystatin or Fluconazole.
After cca.6 months I insisted that my doc.prescribes the Fluconazole again. He ran every immaginable test and can’t diagnose my itching, headaches, sleeplesness etc. Presently I am back to square one, determined to win.
No sugars in any form!
No rice, grains etc. (millet, quinoa)
Especially wheat-no breads, no yeasts.
No milk of any kind, but 2 spoons of Balkan yogurt, with live cultures.
No alcohol, period!
No potato!
But I do lots and lots of seeds: flax, pumpkin, almond, sesame. These I grind.
All kinds of vegetables, raw or steamed.
Fish, even shrimps occasionally.
Chicken, turkey, even pork, eggs.
Morning meals? Asparagus with egg – improvise, OK? Try sauteed onion and thinly sliced peppers and whip in some eggs – dust with basil or oregano.
Avocado and seeds.
I am not sure of the “safety” of almond milk with pure cocoa powder, but I do it and do it hot.
In-between meals I do raw vegetables, celery, radishes, carrot, cucumber.
1-2x daily I take a tea from Pau d’Arco.
1-2x daily 3-4 drops of oil of oregano in spoons of olive oil-with meals!
2-3x daily 2 cloves of garlic with anything that I can, even soup.
2-3xdaily 1 probiotic, enteric coated, which is some 10 to 12 strains. When I finish the present bottle I will switch to Acidophillus.
And as I mentioned, I take 1 pill Fluconazole. And (try) to drink 8 glasses of water to flush out the toxins. Hot baths with Epsom salt also help, I will do them 2-3 times a week. And gradually less. (If you can access sauna, do it!)
I take different herbal teas, mainly teas, chamomile, roiboos, linden flower.
In a while I will start with a wedge of grapefruit, but by itself.
Do not eat fruits with anything else!
Also on my table is flaxseed oil, CoQ10,
Vit.E, 1000mg vit.C, and other supplements.
Twice a day I am attempting meditation, and getting better at it. Inner peace and harmony is a must.
Pray, focus, dream, imagine and BELIEVE.
I will not go down so easily.
To all of you: Good Luck, God bless!
Frank in Canada

Another great supplement you should be taking to help prevent Candida is probiotics.

This stuff helps to strengthen your immune system and digestive tract and helps to rebalance your gut with healthy bacteria. This is essential in reducing the overgrowth of bad fungi such as Candida.

Thanks for the comments. How long did it take any of you to feel better? Have been on the diet for a month, and I don’t feel any different, other than really irritable because eating is such a bother. I take one flucanazole and three probiotics a day. I get turned every which way still on the diet do’s and don’ts. I spoke to my Dr. yesterday and he told me to go ahead and add wheat back into my diet, I also asked again about potatoes and he said because they are a root, grown underground, then they have fungus fighting capacity or else when they were growing they would grow fungus. So potatoes, and eating the skin as is fine, so he said. He said as long as I ate whole grain wheat it would be okay and I think that was also because the outer part of the wheat has to be resistant to fungus as it grows outdoors. Honestly I have read so many things and been told so many different things, I can’t remember it all. I have been off fruit for the month and I can add some back in just a few days. If I were seeing any results, anything at all, that would be one thing. But I am seeing nothing. Thoughts?

Hey, I know what you mean – there are a lot of conficting thoughts on what is acceptable and what isn’t. I can tell you, though, that cutting out potatoe made a huge difference for me. Regardless of what your doctor says, don’t eat potatoes! I’ve found brown rice to be more than acceptable, and it makes a good replacement. I love brown rice pasta! As far as wheat goes, I wouldn’t risk it. There are too many gluten-free alternatives available to waste your time on something that might be hindering your results. I accidentally ate something made entirely from spelt flour (for some reason I thought it was gluten-free? whoops!) – whole grain – and I got a major headache from it, even though I hadn’t had headaches from gluten before being on the diet. I guess my body finally realized what it was doing!

It took me close to a month to get the diet just right, so I guess I didn’t really see a lot of results in the first month, either. I did have some very noticable symptoms that went away right away, but it wasn’t until about two months that I starting noticing specific improvements – things that I didn’t even expect to see improve! So hang in there and keep doing the best that you can. See my previous comments above for the guidelines that are working for me.’s done it once again. Incredible article.

Hello. Wonderful blog! I’ve been on the diet for close to four months now; I am a believer. There is one problem I still have trouble with that I haven’t noticed anyone else mention yet. I suspect that the recurring, cyst-like acne on my forehead, between my eyes might be a candida symptom for me. While everything else has improved exponentially (sleeping, abdominal pain/burning, skin rash, gas, headaches, poor memory, etc.), this forehead acne problem has not improved. I do not have a problem with acne anywhere else on my face and these are not traditional pimples. They are deeper, filled with more fluid, and somewhat painful. Can anyone help?

Wow this is fantastic. I was diagnosed by a colonic hydrotherapist 6 weeks ago that I had candida and was given a list, like the rest of you, of foods to avoid and was told to take it until i was better. But when will this be? I have researched and seen that most people are doing this for a year which seems fine but I’d like to ask for advice on situations when I go out for meals or drinks? I have literally just come off a hen weekend and drank sparkling mineral water which didnt bother me after a couple of hours. I have to go for a curry with work next week and I have no idea what I can have? Please can someone help me…Chippatis have no yeast in so are they ok?

Thanks in advance Laura x

Hello,can you eat soda bread on a candida diet !!! as i’m new on a candida diet dont know what to eat/do just been told by my dentist that i have candida that a need to go onto candida diet for 6/8 weeks !!!! ;-(

Hi Tina
Yes you can eat soda bread but not made from wheat flour. To be honest you should go to your doctor and get diagnosed properly. If your dentist just means you have thrush in your mouth then you are probably better with medication. There is lots of info at Easy Yeast Free Diet if you do have to follow a diet.

Sounds nice but I thought you could eat eggs and oatmeal on a candida free diet. I have outlined some breakfast ideas on my blog
I’m going to put up some bread and pancake type recipes soon. I’m just in the process of testing.

Thank you for your kind help. As you know, this is not easy to get started.

New medical research says it you do have Candida, you need to stay away from anything with soy in it. (soy can be found in different forms) Soy, as sugar does, feeds Candida. Just a thought.

I knew it!! I was sure it would make it worse the few times I accidentally had some… and it explains my soy allergies, too!! Thank you for bringing this up πŸ˜€ You’ll notice that in one of my posts above, I mentioned that I thought it was feeding the candida.

Do you guys have a facebook or myspace fan web page? I searched for one on facebook or twitter but couldn’t locate it, I would love to become a fan!

Hello, i was just wondering if there is a big difference between a homeopathic approach to candida vs a herbal approach. I am currently on day 3 of the wild rose cand-aid cleanse and am uncertain about it. My friend is taking the renew life candida cleanse and all the ingredients are western herbs. Im just concerned about the after effects of the homeopathic. I am worried that my body will create an intolerance for certain foods vs just the regular herbal candida program. If anyone has any opinions I would love to hear from you! I also have Crohn’s disease if that makes any difference in your suggestion. Thank You!

Candida flourishes in the sugary diet we eat daily, all day.
Once you change the diet drastically you will begin to kill the colonies of candida in the gut system.
Whats wrong with a big salad for breakfast with pinto or black beans?
I found it too long to chew for a rushed breakfast…Well that is the real reason we have all this overgrowth of bad critters.
Take time to eat in the morning.
The only extra treatment you need is a good quality of live Acidophillus type bacteria powder to replenish the gut.One month of special care is enough if you are strict.
Increase your vegetable consumption, those without fungi and high sugar content and see your symptoms fly. only drink fresh filtered water, no carbonated drinks, juices etc No peanuts,corn, melons and berries cos they are prone to fungal growth due to their high sugar content.

thank you, like a lot of people i suffer with candida and am finding the diet very restrictive and difficult. the biggest problem i have is finding recipes to suit the diet! your breakfast idea sound great i will give that a try. good luck to all


I have fungus on the face and having premenopausal symptons. It started as eczema for me (at least that’s what my doctors told me) and then i started having red rashes on my face a few months later. I researched and found that I have fungus on the face. I have been on strict sugar diet and eat only brown rice. i am taking iFlora probiotics, plain yogurt and 2 drops oregano oil and a whole foods multi-vitamin daily for over a week now. At the beginning, symptons were gone quickly and my face cleared up. But after a week, it seems to be coming back again – especially on my eyelids. I do eat chinese food every now and then since it’s hard to think of what to get for lunch aside from salad. I am skinny to begin with and am losing more weight not knowing what is safe to eat or not. Please help.

I am so confused with the candida diet. Some say you can have brown rice some say you cant. some say you can have berries and again some say no fruit at all. Also whole wheat seems to be controversial. I bought a bread called ezekial. It is make with all sprouted grains. That seems to be debatable. I am in a state of confusion. Also this diet is a nightmare. I always practice healthy eating but this diet is extreme. I love my vodka when i go out. My dr said vodka is ok. Another confusion. I WANT MY VODKA at least 2 drinks a week. That is not a lot. Anybody have any feedback? LaLa

the problem with all Alcohol is that it is a fermented grain (essentialy) your body is already full of toxins and fermenting gas, It doesnt make much sence to add to it. sometimes I like a shot of something before going to bed but I cut it completely out, at least until my candida calms way down. If you want fast results, stick to your ‘diet’. I do not eat ANY fruit anymore, not even a few craisins in oatmeal, actually I cut out oatmeal also! I now use quinoa and gluten free pastas and alot of chicken and eggs. but my candida is SO out of control I am having serious health issues. If you speak to a natural Dr he will say NO alcohol etc, cause he knows what foods interact what way when your MD doctor really doesnt research into things. My MD just gave me lounges to suck on, not even an anit-fugal pill and sent me on my way, I was SO upset when I found out my health was rapidly out of control. My MD didnt even say anyhting about a diet, I had to look up Candida online and research for myself, I now take Candida Clear (from a health store), and GSE (grapefruit seed extract), and coconut oil which all aid in killing yeast. I personally will not take chances, even if its one shot of alcohol or one M & M !!! But my case may be much more severe than yours so that is why Im taking it to extreme.
I would suggest forking out the money to see a good natural doctor, he asks things that a MD doesnt give a crap out, even talk to staff at a health food store- they should know what supplements work for what ails you and to get to the ROOT of the problem and not covering it up ! πŸ™‚ Hope it helps
the problem with MD’s is they hand out chemicals like candy for symptoms, NOT get to the bottom of the issue. for years I was percribed creams for my egzema, harmful antihistamines for allergies when it was candida causing all my allergies, agzema and emotional ups/downs. It pays off to ask around and research for yourself !

It’s actually a cool and useful piece of info. I am happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

I wanted to share some info with all of you Candida-sufferers out there. As you can see if you look back, I have put up a few posts on here about my experiences with the Candida diet. I have been a long-time believer in it’s merits (when done right). And I have always been an advocate for it.

But recently I have found something MUCH more permanent, and I thought I would share it with you so that you could see for yourself. As you’ve probably figured out on your own a long time ago, Candida is itself just a symptom of a deeper condition in the body. (After all, why do some people suffer from it and not others? Something must be different in the body, right?)

Well, I recently developed chronic fatigue to the point where I lost my job and still had no energy for anything – even just getting up to find food to eat. I found a health consultant who dealt with chronic fatigue herself and is now helping others regain good health. She’s very amazing because she gets right down to the core of what is wrong, the very bottom of the ‘why’s’ so to speak. among other things, my Candida has been disappearing – and I have not been following the diet or taking anything else for it. In addition, i have been feeling better all-around and am addressing health problems i have had since childhood. You know the ones i mean, the ones that doctors assume you must be imagining because they can’t find anything.

I love that her solutions are permanent, natural, healthy, affordable… Did i mention permanent?? I’ve been meaning to post this on here for a while now, but i figured that I’d better stop putting it off and just get it done already! If anyone would like more info, her name is According to Asia. She has a webpage at It is still under construction, but there is already some info on there. You can also find her on Facebook, or call her at 1-306-244-5570. I hope that this helps some of you! I know that many of you have been struggling with this for a long time, and i know what that’s like. Feel better soon! (and i really mean it) πŸ™‚

I wanted to follow up on my last post as I have been working closely with Asia for some time now and have seen some amazing changes in my health and amazing successes for other people I know. Have you ever wondered why some people have to struggle so much with Candida and others don’t? It’s true that many people simply aren’t aware of the problem. Still, there are many out there who don’t eat great and don’t do anything to prevent Candida and still have no problems. Why?? And why do so many Candida sufferers fight for years even when they are treating the Candida in a way that should be effective? Here’s the interesting thing about fungi, including Candida: unlike most anaerobic pathogens (such as common bacterial infections or viral flues) which cannot survive well in a highly oxygenated environment, Candida and some other fungi can function either aerobically (using oxygen to survive) or, when there is not enough oxygen present, anaerobically, meaning that they use alcohol fermentation to survive. Here comes the really interesting part: Candida itself is not normally harmful. It only becomes harmful when there is not enough oxygen present and it needs to function anaerobically instead. this explains why certain foods make it worse, too! Of course, when there is not enough oxygen present, aerobically-based life, such as the healthy flora in the body (what you are trying to build up when you take probiotics) will have a very low count because there is not enough oxygen to support high numbers of these bacteria.

So, what does all this mean? Well, it means that the Candida diet and high doses of probiotics, while helpful and sometimes even necessary, may alleviate the symptoms or even seem make them go away, but they will not actually get at the root of the problem, the very reason the problem can exist at all. Now, there are many possible contributing factors in the body, but in a nutshell, lack of oxygen in the body is a sign of what the Chinese call dampness in the body. This is very dangerous, actually, because dampness in the body also leads to cancer. Additionally, it indicates invariably a spleen deficiency. Will your doctor find this deficiency? No, I can almost guarantee they won’t!! Just as they won’t recognize a kidney deficiency in someone with thyroid problems and they won’t recognize a liver deficiency in someone with depression, bipolar, or other mood or mental disorders including ADD. The sad thing is, correcting these problems is actually fairly simple, relatively inexpensive, and long-lasting – if you have the right stuff. Unfortunately, most of the best stuff is only found in China, and even then you have to be so careful because only about 5% of the herbal medicines there are high quality and effective.

So, basically, if you want to be done with your Candida once and for all, and we might as well get you feeling totally up to par while we’re at it, Asia is the only person I know of whom I trust to do that. She is intelligent and knows her stuff; I have never seen her fail to help a client, and she explains everything to you so that you are confident with what you’re doing. Besides that she is so inexpensive. I believe her current rate is $30 dollars for a consultation, and that lasts you three months – talk to her as much as you need in those three months, it doesn’t matter, it’s included! (She is NOT there for the money!) The herbal medicines and whatever she might need to recommend for you personally vary in price and usually cost more when you first start because there is more to correct in the beginning, but they are still one of the most cost-effective solutions out there, and the only one I have found to actually work, plus the results are long-lasting and, unlike other medicines, you DO see total results and you DON’T have to stay on them for life (although many people choose to take something for maintenance once once they are healthy). Plus, she can help you no matter where you live, while local patients are the majority of her clients she has been working internationally for some time now via phone and post.

At any rate, it is worth it to at least give her a call (1-306-244-5570) or visit her website ( and contact her there, see for yourself what you think. (You can also find her on Facebook under According to Asia.) I am not personally affiliated with According to Asia except as a very pleased client, I will receive no monetary or other compensation for referring you to her, basically what I am saying is that my only motive for providing this information to you is that I have seen success and want you to see it, too! Do what you will with the information, it’s up to you, but at least now you know what options are available to you. no, this not a scam, it’s not spam, and it’s NOT too good to be true (for once!). I hope that this information helps some of you, and be sure to pass it on to friends and family who might need it. I have seen people literally get their lives back when they were nearly dead or felt as though they might as well be; especially if the doctors can’t help you (or someone you know), call her! If the doctors are helping but it’s just not enough, call her! If you’re worried about the future of your health and body… Well, you get the picture – it doesn’t matter what the reason, she is worth calling. Even if you think you can’t be helped, as my husband did, as I almost did (recovering from chronic fatigue was not something I expected to be able to do, let alone recover from problems I’d had since birth), you just might find yourself happy and relieved to find you are pleasantly wrong!

At least check out her website, specifically the Health Solutions section and the About Asia section – very informative and interesting to read!

Enjoy, and feel better soon!

Why are you recommending to eat grain on the Candida diet? Complex carbohydrates break down into simple sugars in your digestive system and the yeast eat sugar! No beans, no grains, no sugars!

I’m also new to this, 23yr old (contraceptive pill taken for 6yrs, and plenty of antibiotics as a child) self diagnosed 2 weeks ago, managed to tick half the “candida symptoms list” but never saw the connection before now, done loads of research but still a little confused. Great thread to read through, loads of info! I started my candida diet a week and a half ago, cutting out the usual but I am having oats (don’t know if in aloud to or not) but im relying on them for breakfast, along with eggs. Quinoa is nice, I’ve been eating that, also coconut in every form! (once again not 100% about this ither) garlic In everything, mixed veg, cottage cheese etc missing/craving chocolate, bread, sugar and FRUIT!!!! it’s a bit of a pain all ready. Xylitol im having a little everyday, tastes a bit funky but I don’t think im used to it yet. As for die off symptoms, should I be getting them already? As my hand eczema is pretty bad and I don’t know if it’s an allergic reaction or not? Is it me getting better or worse? So confusing! All I will say is that i think ive deduced Its flaring up after I eat the anti-fungals i.e garlic and coconut. My skin has also got worse on my face, in guessing toxin releace into the body? Also another random question, strange copper/metal taste in my mouth after having cottage cheese/plain bio yogurt? Anyone know if it’s a good or bad thing? Anyone have the same problem? I’m going to start holland and barrett’s yeast raisers capsule tomorrow, start of the next stronger phase, and il see if that helps, (caprylic acid, biotin, psyllium husk, acidophilus and a couple of other things, can’t remember off the top of my head what else it contains). Also is pure cocoa powder ok or not? I’m thinking it might spice up my plain yogurt lol sorry for all the questions, feedback from anyone would be much appreciated! Thanks Emi (uk)

I like eating kale and eggs for breakfast; you can prepare the eggs however you like. I find that they go very well with kale when scrambled (and you sautee the kale as well), and on the first few days of my candida diet I minced a clove of raw garlic over the top to really kickstart my candida-killing! You don’t need to add the garlic if it’s too strong, but kale and eggs together for breakfast is a really great combo!

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I also have systemic yeast overgrowth (candida) and have for several years. I have tried the diet, stayed on it for a month, then gave up. I am just trying to eat more alkaline food, and reduce the acid producing foods, which works well for rdpeducing candida. Of course candida is very hard on the adrenals, and the rest of the
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