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my candida-friendly chocolate chip cookies

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I kind of created this recipe from taking a “normal” chocolate chip cookie recipe and subsituting pretty much everything. Here it is:

1 cup brown rice flour (you can also use white rice flour if you’d like)
4 tbsp grapeseed oil
1 heaping tbsp rice syrup
a bit less than 1/2 a tsp of salt
1 beaten egg
1 large handful of chocolate chips (must have cane juice in them instead of sugar; in Canada I believe the one good brand is Tropical) this is the only slight cheat in the recipe but cane juice is better for you than refined sugar
2 tbsp of water

-Blend all ingredients
-Chill for at least an hour in the fridge
-Use a non-stick cookie sheet (or grease a cookie sheet)
-Roll into one inch balls (the dough will be crumbly, but you can roll it all together and then flatten the balls)
-bake for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees

note that rice flour doesn’t brown (except for on the bottom of the cookies), so they will be done after this time though they won’t look like they are

it may take a few tries to get the ingredients to taste how you like them, you can also add vanilla (but make sure it has no gluten or sugar in it, as most brands do)


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wiarton willy says we’re in the clear!

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It’s Groundhog’s Day and apparently winter (not that we’ve really had one this year) will be over in 6 weeks! Here’s what Willy said.

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candida-friendly breakfast — it’s good for you

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I’ve realized that candida is a cross between being diabetic, having celiacs, staying on the wagon, and being lactose intolerant, at least with regards to food. The best of all worlds really — yikes! I wanted to share some tips on my blog for those of you who may be experiencing candida (or just want to eat healthy stuff). I’ve found it hard to find recipes with all of the restrictions. There are some online but they aren’t always gluten free or sugar free really. So here’s a simple breakfast you can make. Use up some leftover brown rice (which has some of that yummy b12 in it), heat up a bit of soy milk (a brand with no sugar or cane juice in it — the only one I can find right now is called natura), then heat up some of the rice and add some cinnamon into the mix. It tastes just like oatmeal, but it’s better for you. I also promised I’d post a cookie recipe for a friend — I’ll be sure to do that tonight.

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audience of chairs – another must read

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I’ve just started reading An Audience of Chairs by Joan Clark and it’s really quite good so far. I’m in love with the main character, but I will warn that so far (I’ve only read three chapters) it’s super Canadian in references and is set on the East Coast. This won’t detract from the story but it may not be ideal for non-Canadians who are not well versed in the CBCisms and colloquialisms and randomness that is Canada…but if you want to learn, this book is definitely an interesting read.

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craig cardiff coming to toronto – hope you can make it

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I met Craig back in Kingston when he played a concert in my livingroom. He does livingroom shows and it was one of my favourite University memories. There were 50 some odd people in our house, all crowded into the livingroom/diningroom/kitchen and, though he was (as usual) a few hours late, Craig stayed and played for at least 3 hours. I saw him play several times in Kingston and twice in Vancouver. Kind of funny stories actually. The one night I saw him play I met a really cool person and we hung out a few times after that and have kept in touch from time to time. The second time he played at UBC and I ended up there with a random collection of people — it was the first time I met my old housemate's twin sister (who happened to live there) and we totally hit it off, a friend of a friend from highschool (who I met one night in Victoria a year earlier) was there and had just flown back from Singapore, the guy I met at the first show, some friends from my Masters and one of their friends who was just visiting from Japan that day. Anyway, the random collection of people and the fact that I had either just met everyone or had met them once before in an obscure situation really made the night perfect. The thing is that since being back in Toronto I've had tickets for Craig's shows 2 times and both times I was sick (stupid dyingness), BUT he's coming on March 23rd, so I have it penciled in and if you happen to be in the area you should come by Hugh's Room or check out his site at (sorry, I don't have the ability to link on my mac in this browser, I'll add the link tomorrow at work).

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