why am i always tired on wednesdays?

Posted on February 1, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Maybe it’s because Thursdays are usually B12 shot days, so my vitamins have depleted, but Wednesdays kill me. I feel so completely out of it…even to the extent that when my friend was telling me a story about how someone emailed her from the states to ask for the country code so she could fax something I wondered why this was an odd request. Such a moron — it’s the same number in all of North America and the last time I checked we were a part of that… Just dial ‘1’ for long distance. Not a big deal, I just felt like an idiot. Just reminded me of the best phone call I had to make though — working in retail at Christmas once I had to phone another one of our stores in New York and the girl there explained that they were so busy because it was Christmas and I said something like “ya, it’s kind of Christmas here too, so I know what you mean” and she said “Oh, no way, I didn’t know you guys celebrated that the same day as us”. Wow. I need to start a category labeled “stupid moments” or “morons” or something like that. I’ll admit that I’m sometimes a part of that grouping, but I’m okay with that 🙂 Off to yoga — hopefully I can stay awake!


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