like ripping off a band-aid

Posted on January 21, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

So we’re back together and it’s actually great — way different than I thought it would be. I wonder how I could go so quickly from your phone calls annoying me to actually wanting to have the phone ring. Persistence and resistance — apparently they work well. I mean I’ve been resisting for so long to define the reality of the situation and I’m pretty sure it’s just a committment issue (could be why I’m not a fan of the whole marriage thing), but after having an intense conversation about why we shouldn’t be together, I left the room to wipe off the tears and returned with only one line to say: “okay, fine, let’s just be together now”. It felt like ripping off a band-aid: just do it quickly and there won’t be any pain — except instead of pain I was worried that if that exact minute passed I wouldn’t get up the courage again and would change my mind. Damn how the mighty have fallen. Is it bad that I think the fact that we now live in different countries for the next 6 months or so a good thing? You have me pegged as a cold-hearted romantic, and you’re the only one who has been able to define me so specifically. Wow — these blogs are dangerous things when it comes to rambling on with what everyone else must find pointless. But I must say they’re also highly addictive.


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[…] The movie also conjures up images of my other grandmother who wasn’t interested in my grandfather, but he just kept on pestering and showing up and wouldn’t go away until she finally gave in and they eventually got married. My mother wasn’t interested in my dad at first — but he persisted. Brian did just about everything he possibly could do to get me to pay attention and to want to get back together in the 6 months leading up to when I finally said “okay, fine, we’re back together” and, as such, I have a conclusion that you only ever want to end up with the guy who fought for you to begin with.   […]

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