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As I’ve said in earlier posts, I’ve been having health issues for over 2 years now (I think it’s a new disease that will be named after me — haha, or not), but my tongue is all patchy and gross and anyway my GI had run out of diagnostic tests to put me through so he sent me to a dermatologist. I like to refer to her as “the tongue idiot”. The tongue idiot said to me that it was Geographic Tongue. Now, I’ve been told a few times that this is the case, but it’s also been disproved (is that a word?) several times as well, including by my dentist who sees tongues every day and actually has the condition herself. I then asked a few very simple questions such as:

Q: My throat really hurts and feels like my tongue too, so it’s spreading. Is that possible?

A: No, that is not a characteristic of Geographic Tongue

(Exactly — you moron)

Q: It seems to clear up when I have a B12 shot, is that normal?

A: No, that is not a characteristic of Geographic Tongue

(Exactly — I can’t believe they gave you a degree).

Q: So you’re sure it’s Geographic Tongue?

A: Yes (she then proceeds to rant about how naturopathic medicine is a crock)

(Feel threatened oh great tongue idiot?)

Frustration proceeds to take over from here…

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29 Responses to “the tongue idiot”

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I have suffered with geographic tongue for over 15 years. And, my tongue is a mess. The only thing I have found to work is the application of Lidex. I start with brushing with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, then apply the Lidex. It works, but it makes my tongue sore as the treatment must be applied directly to the puss-like leison. Unfortunately, this treatment is only temporary, and the leisons appear again and againl.

The thing is you may NOT have geographic tongue. It is not what I have — but the verdict is out (50/50). Even though the doctors are morons and don’t believe in candida, the tongue was the one thing that threw everyone for a loop.

It is now almost back to normal through the anti-candida diet and osteopathy treatment. The painful leisions are non-existant and the rest of the patches are healing up.

In fact, if I were to rub steroids or other remedies on my tongue, they would make the candida worse. Oral Candiadisis is something you should look into. I’m not saying you don’t have geographic tongue, because it does exist (and thanks for the tip and for reading and commenting), but I’d look into other possibilities that may solve the lesions permanently.

Oral Candiadisis is commonly referred to as Thrush. Geographic tongue is a different pathology. Although the underlying cause of both complaints may have similarities, these are two different conditions.

That’s a smart answer to a diiffcult question.

Yes you have been brainwashed. “The tween generation”? Now listen closely: I am a TEENAGE GIRL and I HATE Justin Bieber’s guts. He is such a girl.


I’ve done quite a bit of research on Geographic Tongue and even wrote an ebook on it. And from what I’ve seen almost any problem with patches on the tongue Doctors will call Geographic Tongue. I agree with you 100% I’ve found B-12 to be quite helpful too and many times Candida is related. There are actually several deficiencies that have Geographic Tongue like symptoms.
I like your comments about people saying “I could never do that”. You do what you have to do! It all depends on how bad you want it.
Best Wishes!

hello tim could you sen mi your e book about GT ???? please? thank you!

Oh, by the way if you are interested my website is

[…] I had someone comment on a post yesterday and it made me happy to know that I’m not the only one out there who notices that B12 and candida have affected what used to be a perfectly normal tongue. Thank you Tim for being a non-tongue idiot and for believing in “hocus pocus” unlike my supposed doctors.   […]

Thanks Tim! I reply to you and your wonderful comment here:

I’ve had geographic tongue for decades. Found a great remedy about 4 years ago. Retin A. Just google Retin A and geographic tongue and I used to buy the liquid and swab it on my tongue. After a few days, it was COMPLETELY gone. Now I find Ortho Pharmaceuticals has discontinued the liquid version. I didn’t want to use the gel because of all the additives they put in it, but I’m going to give it as shot.
After I get it(the pharmacy has to contact my Dentist and get my prescription changed) and use it, I’ll post again and let you know if the gel worked as good as the liquid.

Has anyone had any luck acquiring liquid Retin-A, and if so has it worked? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

The last prescription I got for topical retin A was from a dermatologist. My dentist didn’t want to renew the prescription. Said it was outside of his scope of practice.
From 2009-2010 I had as good a year as I can recall with my tongue. Only needed the topical retin A a handful of times and then for only 1 day. It was amazing.
Unfortunately, in June 2010, I had to take 3 separate courses of antibiotics (had a tooth pulled and had prk done on both my eyes). I believe the antibiotics caused my geographic tongue to come back with a vengeance. It’s as bad as it been in 10 yrs. The topical retin A has not been that effective this time, so I’m treating what I believe to be the underlying cause by taking plenty of probiotics and altering my diet. I’ll probably get a new prescription of topical retin A next week.
By the way, the article I found concerning this treatment was found in the August 1979 issue of Cutis, a peer reviewed journal of dermatologists, allergists, and general practitioners.
Hope this helps

PS To get a topical retin A solution (you apply it with a Q-tip) you’ll need to go to a compounding pharmacy.

Hi again;
I’ll be updating again in a day or two.
Getting more aggressive with my treatments.
Laying off sugar for a few days to a week, taking small amount of baking soda 1/2 hour before meals, taking probiotics, using biotene mouthwash and toothpaste, taking b12, and using topical retin A several times a day. Tongue not completely back to normal but after 24 hrs it feels better (always a good sign) and looks a bit better.
Going to dermatologist for a new retin A prescription tomorrow. Last year, I hardly used the bottle but accidentally spilled half its contents.

That would be great, but I don’t have geographic tongue.

My tongue has also now cleared up after a year of eating no sugar, dairy, gluten and having bi-weekly b12 shots and osteopathic therapy. These all helped to heal the tongue and it’s now nearly perfect!

What are the symptoms of geographic tongue? I think I have something called Burning Mouth Syndrome. My tongue is super-sensitive and I can’t tolerate anything spicy or too hot temperature-wise. I’m undergoing treatment for Candida and the symptoms are gradually subsiding, but I often have a better taste in my mouth from this.


I don’t have geographic tongue, but the symptoms are patches and whiteness (like thrush) that move around your tongue.

Ever since I started the candida diet, I noticed that my tongue cleared up with it and then with B12 shots as well…the new ribes nigrum that I’m on also helped — it’s completely clear right now!!

Since you have candida, you may have oral candiadis?

Effective geographic tongue treatment. I stated
above that Lidex helps. Well it is a topical
application and doesn’t get to the cause. I
made a startling discovery in April 07. I was
interested in finding something to treat dry
eyes. I purchased Thera Tears for that purpose.
I learned from reading the data provided on the
box that it was also a treatment for dry-mouth.
I never associated the sores on my tongue with
dry mouth, and my dentist said they go with
geographic tongue. I didn’t have much hope for
a relief, but by the first of June I had gone
ten days without infection. Then the sores
reappeared. With a generous application of Arm
& Hammer Peroxi Care toothpaste and scrubbing with
a Gum bristles tool the sores disappeared and did not
reappear for nearly a week. My tongue looks
great. I use the toothpaste treatment every
morning and evening with great results. I
cannot tell you how elated I feel after all
these years of suffering with the painful
geographic tongue. Apparently, just three
Thera Tears capsules every morning has got
to the source of my problem. I was going to
wait until around September to report, but
my conscious said “do it now, it might just
help others.” If you suffer with geographic
tongue it certainly is worth a try. I would
appreciate if you would let me know if you
have any success with this treatment.

I read that vitamin deficiency CAN be a factor in Geographic Tongue. I haven’t been taking vitamins lately and just discovered that I now have a large reddish patch in addition to the whitish coating I have been fighting ever since a bout with thrush following medication. Stress from worrying too much could possibly be a factor for you? But it would explain the B12 shot helping. Good luck.

I have geographic tongue as well as some other strange skin problems on the inside of my mouth. I used to get ulcers, but now that I’m on a gluten free diet, I only get problems after I’ve eaten gluten (though the symptoms don’t show up immediately). In addition to the geographic tongue, the skin on the inside of my cheeks peels off. I have scars from this. And, when I was a kid, I used to get a sore throat after eating huge amounts of gluten. I could eat an entire batch of brownies in one afternoon. It seems to me that what they call geographic tongue is for sure related to celiac disease. It’s just another way the body gets damaged from it. I’ve heard that it’s from a deficiency, but I think there is more to it than that. I get flare ups within a couple days of eating gluten. It seems too quick for a deficiency to kick in. I do think, though, that B-12 helps fight against it. But, who knows? Weird stuff. It’s amazing that doctor’s don’t know more about this stuff. Anyway, good luck!

Anyone who’s seen improvement after eating gluten-free:
were you tested for celiac? Did you test for gluten intolerance and other food interolerances (Elisa tests for Enterolab)?
thank you

It’s been 48 hrs since my last post. My tongue looks good except for a small patch on the left part of the tip of my tongue.
Using topical retin a, taking probiotics, maintaining a healthy diet, and staying away from all triggers (except for my morning latte).
Saw my dermatologist yesterday to get my retin a prescription renewed. As I believe this flareup was caused by the three courses of antibiotics I took, I also asked for a prescription for the nystatin oral suspension (swish and spit).
It’s funny in a sad way, but when I asked my dermatologist how many people she’d seen for geographic tongue, she said maybe 3 in over 15 years. No wonder we have to do all the trial and error looking for cures. I mean, this is a benign condition that affects a low percentage of the general population. Yeah, for sure there’s gonna be a lot of research done on it.
Anyway, it looks like my tongue will be clear in a few more days. I’ll post again then.

Last post. That patch on the left side of the tip of my tongue pretty much (over 90%) gone away overnight. My big flareup from the 3 courses of antibiotics has resolved itself.
Tongue feels great. Nice and silky smooth from all the new cells the topical retin A induced.
By the way, this is how it works. Cells have a normal life cycle, after which they die and are replaced by new cells. Retin A speeds up this process (hyperplasia). That why it (assuming your underlying condition is not incredibly active) works so quickly. It gives you a new tongue (so to speak) faster than you would get normally.
When you use it on a geographic tongue, it burns sometime, but don’t let that phase you. It’s only for a few seconds.
Spit it out after 15-30 seconds. You don’t want to swallow it. You want it to work on your tongue, not your throat.
Of course, discontinue use if you show any signs/symptoms of an allergic reaction.
I know how much a person can suffer (both physically and psychologically) with this condition and I also know how ignored this condition is by the medical community, which is why blogs/boards like this one can be so informative and helpful.
I hope all my posts have helped.
I’m out of here.

I’ve been dealing with it for about 4 years now. My symptoms are certainly look like GT, however mine only occur on the sides of my tongue and are usually sore especially after talking as it feels like my teeth are rubbing on my tongue. The sores start small, like a nick in the tongue surface, and then grow sometime the length of the tongue and fade out or start again before completely disappearing. I’ve tried nearly everything with great diligence, check this summarized list: >Supplements of all kinds, including vitamin B variants in sublingual and weekly injections which I administered. >Antiseptics including peroxide and baking soda >Liquid Retin A (Tretinoin)>Gluten free diet (which is very similar to the anti-candida diet) for 7 straight months and I went from 167lbs to 149lbs – not good. >Thera-Tears capsules >Lipoic Acid capsules

Long story all had little or no effect. The onset of the sore tongue problems seemed to coincide with repeated use of antibiotics that I had taken for chronic sinus drainage. I’m under the conclusion that the antibiotics have caused and imbalance in the flora (bacteria &/or fungal) inside my mouth. Interestingly enough, twice the lesions (or sores) have completely cleared up for 2-3 weeks when I was taking an antibiotic called Xifaxan for stomach issues, however even though my tongue looked perfect it was still sore on the sides.

Sorry that I don’t have any revelations to add as I too continue to search for relief. The only thing that gives me any kind of relief, and it isn’t much, is to brush my tongue morning and evening with Peroxicare toothpaste.

PS – Last year I even made a 4 hour drive to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where the oral pathologist boldly told me that he knew what my problem was, he stated proudly “you have something called Geographic Tongue, also known as benign migratory glossitis” – yes I knew that, what a letdown. They sent me on my way with topical steroids that didn’t help.

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