the healthy years? (or not)

Posted on January 20, 2006. Filed under: The Dyingness |

I appear to have a fun new disease that no one can figure out. If there are any doctor’s in the house who want to take a stab…haha. Candida appeared to be the culprit for a while, but that seems to be under control and symptoms are returning. I will have to remember to start a Candida support group though…people with diabetes or celiac’s really aren’t allowed to complain or to cheat on their diets with me anymore. Not after having to cut out gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar (even fruit) and any starchy foods that turn into sugar. I keep being told I’ve done a great job of this and I hear people say “I could never do that” which gets on my nerves because of course you could. Do you really think that it’s you craving that big mac? Nope — it’s that body that you have conditioned and you can change the conditioning pas de problem. Anyway, that’s just my rant and I’m sure there will be more. I’ll have to remember to talk about the stupid tongue lady. I mean how do these people get through med school!?!?


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