a rose by any other name…?

Posted on January 19, 2006. Filed under: Uncategorized |

So here’s the deal. I was trying to come up wit a cool, fun nickname for this blog and I really wanted to use the nickname I had in University (.H). Most people called me H, or eighch as we tried to spell it out while very drunk one night. So I went for dotH, but then when the link for the blog came back to me it looked like doth as in “methinks thou doth protesteth too much…” or is it dost…okay, so maybe doth isn’t a word but i was still quite annoying. Just imagine that it says .H and everyone will be happy, okay?


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4 Responses to “a rose by any other name…?”

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So, in Unix tradition, a name preceded by a dot is ‘hidden’ — that is, it doesn’t show up in the usual lists of files and things, and can only be revealed by specifically referring to it, or by searching for hidden files. Sort of an appropriate concept for a blog, no?


True…or is it an appropriate concept for me? Perhaps .H was a bit more apt than I originally thought…

Thanks John 🙂

…and all this time I was wondering where the “doth” came from.

/feeling sheepish.

Congrats on posting for over a year!

Thanks Brent 🙂

No worries — if only .H had worked…but alas.

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